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The exhibition «the Robotization of the armed forces» presents «shock multicompany complex»

In Kubinka, in the Park «Patriot» is a military-scientific conference «the Robotization of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation», with the participation of the senior members of the armed forces, representatives of Military-industrial Commission, law enforcement agencies and departments of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the leading enterprises of the industry, developers, chief designers of the enterprises of the military-industrial complex, scientific-research organizations.

The official website of the defense Ministry reports that at this conference «for the first time show the unique development of military purpose».

According to the Aviation Explorer website, one of these developments is developed by the concern «Systemprom» project air multifunctional robotic complex, presents «United instrument manufacturing Corporation» («MIC»), part of state Corporation rostec.

The press service of «defense» says that the complex includes: «the robot-helicopter, copter observer, the drone’s reconnaissance and strike drone with grenade launcher module». It is further reported that this complex is designed «to monitor remote sites, record video and photo images, including thermal imaging, transmission of video images in real time, delivery of goods to a given point, and defeat enemy targets on the battlefield».

The report States that the flight range «of the robot-helicopter» is a few hundred kilometers. «The drone-scout,» according to the quoted press release, «rises to a height of several thousand meters and is used for detection and recognition of targets in real time». Then there is also said: «Copter-the observer adjusts the fire of artillery and determines the location coordinates signals of satellite navigation systems GLONASS/GPS. Shock quadcopter capable of detecting and destroying enemy targets, including tanks and armored vehicles, by means of standard reactive weapons».

The website «rostec» quoted the General Director of «OPK» Alexander Yakunin that created by his Corporation multicopter «armed with grenade launchers and flamethrowers, and can Dodge bullets».

Aviation Explorer message illustrated with a photo provided by the press service of «defense», which shows the superhelical unmanned machine on the motors, which has the grenade launcher muzzle down, as well as equipment, like cameras (two of them «looking» horizontally, one in the launch tube launcher – vertically, apparently for aiming). How the shot is ensured by the stability of the UAV, is unclear. But it is obvious that for a shot at a target the UAV will have to take a position right above the object of destruction, making questionable the effectiveness of the system in principle.

An expert on unmanned aerial vehicles, editor in chief Denis Fedutinov also noted that data on the declared height of using UAVs in this type of «look, to put it mildly, exaggerated». He also expressed surprise about the use of the terms «helicopter» and «copter» for different components of the complex, as in both cases it obviously comes about aircraft of the helicopter type. Extremely questionable and declared the leadership of the «defense» ability of the UAV of this type of «Dodge bullets».

The exhibition «the Robotization of the armed forces» presents «shock multicompany complex» 10.02.2016

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