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The fact of the accident at the «Rotem» will be prosecuted

Following the meeting at the Ministry of ecology, to which were invited the heads of the plant, «Rotem» and holding «Chemicalin Le-Yisrael», the decision was made to start criminal investigation of causes of accident which has led to environmental disaster in the Judean desert.

The accident at the plant for the production of fertilizers «with a smile» took place on Friday, June 30. As yet unexplained reason, struck a 60-foot wall of the pool, which kept the waste water containing acid in high concentration. Tens of thousands of cubic meters of water spilled in the bed of the river Aslim.

The solution was spread on an area of about 600 dunams. Immediately after the accident, the nature reserve along the river was closed to tourists. According to experts, the regime of the closed zone will operate, at least until the next flood in the Judean desert, when water flows washed away a portion of toxic substances.

Sunday, June 2, the inspectors of the Department examined the riverbed in the Judean desert Aslim that dripped acidic solution, and then announced that the damage from the accident is much more serious than anticipated. According to them, this is one of the largest environmental disasters in the Judean desert in recent years. According to them, elimination of consequences of accidents will cost millions of shekels.

The fact of the accident at the «Rotem» will be prosecuted 04.07.2017

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