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The family of Meyer Lansky Cuba requires them to return the hotel and casino

The daughter of the famous Jewish gangster Meyer Lansky sandy, and his grandson Henry Rapoport appealed to the Federal Commission of the USA on settlement of claims abroad with a request to assist in returning the original Lansky real estate in Cuba.

As the newspaper writes Daily Mail, it comes hotel and casino Riviera Havana and the Marina Hemingway, which until 1959 belonged to the gangster, dubbed the «accountant of the mob». Once in power, Fidel Castro nationalized all American-owned property.

In 50 years of life in the hotel, which co-owner is said to have been Frank Sinatra, was in full swing. Stayed here the stars of the first magnitude, and the casino was made by Sinatra and his friends – members of the so-called «rat pack».

According to sandy and Henry, the price of about $ 70 million. This amounted to almost all the estate of their father and grandfather. They themselves, according to the visiting reporter, live in an old house and lead a very modest lifestyle.

They believe that the condition started the Obama administration to normalize relations with Communist Cuba must be the resolution of the question of belonging to U.S. citizens property.

The Meyer Lansky was born in Grodno in the territory of modern Belarus in 1902. When he was nine years old, his family immigrated to USA and settled in new York. At Ellis island the official shortened his real name – Suhomlynskiy.

Lansky, differed little growth, ruthlessness and business acumen, was head of the Jewish mafia in Manhattan. He was able to make contact with one of the leaders of the Italian gangster Salvatore «Lucky» Luciano, and they conquered the underworld of the USA, forming a «national syndicate».

Making a fortune on the illicit trade in alcohol and gambling, Lansky takes the main part of his financial Empire to Cuba. He loses it all as a result of the revolution in 1959.

It should be noted that Lansky was a supporter of creating a Jewish state. He played an important role in supplying the village with weapons before the War for independence. However, his attempt to immigrate to Israel to escape the persecution of law enforcement agencies in the U.S., collapsed under the pressure of the administration of the government of Golda Meir refused to grant him citizenship.

The family of Meyer Lansky Cuba requires them to return the hotel and casino 24.12.2015

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