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The famous Caitlin Jenner, who replaced Paul, was announced in new York «champion of Israel»

The evening of 8 March 69-year-old Caitlin Jenner, three years ago had a sex change, was awarded the title «champion of Israel» in the ceremony of the World Values Network, held in new York, writes Times of Israel.

The organizer of the ceremony is Rabbi Shmuley Boteach. This sixth ceremony, like the previous five, is held to show appreciation to those who «respects human rights and protects democratic values of Israel.»

Kathleen Jenner was awarded in the nomination «the rights of sexual minorities».

This year’s «Champions of Israel» was also named the former press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer, Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin and model of Adar, Handelsman representing in 2017 Israel at the contest «Miss universe».

The ceremony was attended by the leaders of the Jewish communities of new York, the representatives of Israel and the United States.

In his speech, Kathleen Jenner said, «to Truly assess the nature of the country on how it treats minorities. For the Middle East and the entire world Israel is a beacon of hope.»

Kathleen Jenner was born October 28, 1949. Was born a man. Birth name: Bruce Jenner. Bruce became the Olympic champion in the decathlon in 1976, the father of six children. He is the former stepfather of the children of Robert Kardashian (including the famous Kim Kardashian). In April 2015, Jenner declared himself a woman, appearing on a talk show on ABC in women’s clothes and stated, «can no longer lie and hide the truth» because «in all feels like a woman». Bruce then admitted that in the 1976 Olympics, held in Canada, already felt like a woman, that did not stop him to fight hard to win dozens of the world’s best male athletes. In 2014, Bruce was divorced from Kris Jenner, the famous mother of the Kardashian sisters. By spring 2015, Jenner completed the procedures for a sex change.

The famous Caitlin Jenner, who replaced Paul, was announced in new York «champion of Israel» 09.03.2018

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