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The famous Israeli singer, risking their lives, rescued the sinking girl

Famous Israeli singer Amir Pey Gutman nearly drowned trying to save his 5-year-old niece. The incident occurred on the «wild» beach, near Neve Yam (Atlit).

According to the version of Nana10, Gutman, together with a friend and the baby went into the water. At this point, all three of them a wave. Amir Gutman tried to save the child, but began to sink. A few surfers were in the water, washed the girl and the woman. Amir Gutman was discovered later, he was unconscious.

According to «Maariv», Gutman rushed to help a drowning child and managed to pull him from the water, but he himself was attributed in the sea.

Arrived at the scene, paramedics, mark Kozhevnikov and Assaf Dayan. They immediately started resuscitation events, and then took him to the hospital. He is in critical condition, doctors are fighting for his life.

Amir Pey Gutman began his career in hotels in Eilat, where he has participated in entertainment activities for guests. Then he founded the music group «hi, PAB». In this group he started his musical career.

In 2002, Pei Gutman began playing in the musical «Mary Lou», where his partners were Yael Bar-Zohar and Michal Amdursky. Work in the popular musical brought fame to Amir. Today he plays the main role in the musical «A-Laak» the Habima theatre and in films.

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The famous Israeli singer, risking their lives, rescued the sinking girl 22.07.2017

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