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The «fat Jeff» wants to buy the Playboy mansion and turn it into an elitist club

At the mansion owned by the founder and publisher of the popular men’s magazine Playboy Hugh Hefner has found a buyer, the website TMZ. According to this publication, producer Jeff Beecher has already met with representatives of Playboy and suggested that for the mansion of $ 90 million, of which 12 million is ready to invest himself, and the remaining amount will be invested by other investors.

Earlier, the lawyers Playboy Enterprises said that the mansion will be sold not less than $ 200 million.

Beecher stated TMZ that his intentions are serious. He also said that investors are ready to invest additional $ 20 million in the reconstruction of the mansion and would like to build five bungalows for guests.

Thus, according to Beecher, his plan is to turn the Playboy mansion into a kind of elite club, retaining the original name.

Is there room for negotiation on these terms, is unclear. But the offer of Beecher studied by the leadership of Playboy Enterprises.

Jeff Beecher, is known primarily as the Creator of the Comedy show Beacher’s Madhouse. In recent years, «fat Jeff» lost a lot of weight and became more like a businessman than a funny showman as he is remembered by many Americans.

The mansion, built in 1927, is located in one of prestigious areas of Los Angeles (California). On the estate, the area of which is about 25 thousand square meters, there are tennis courts, a basketball court, several pools, a small zoo and the aviary.

Evaluation of agents on real estate sale, the real price of a building that is not in perfect condition, is not more than $ 60 million. Taking into account the importance and rich history of the mansion, this amount may reach $ 90 million, experts say.

Playboy Enterprises has declared its readiness to arrange for potential buyers full inspection of the mansion except in one of the bedrooms Hefner. Also those who want to buy a house, it is worth considering that, in accordance with the terms of the sale, the 89-year-old founder of Playboy magazine will have the right to live at the estate until his death.

Hugh Hefner. Curriculum vitae

Hugh Marston «hef» Hefner born April 9 1926 in Chicago (Illinois). Was late, I was in school. In 1944 joined the army, fought. Then studied psychology at the University of Illinois, he worked as an editor in the advertising Department of the magazine «Esquire».

Playboy was born in 1953. the Working title of the magazine was Stag Party (Entertainment for men only), but Hefner rejected the name, so as not to conflict with the then-current «men’s magazine» Stag Magazine, and it has paid off.

Hefner has been married twice in the last century – Millie Williams and Kimberly Conrad. December 31, 2012, he married for the third time – Playboy model christelle Harris, who is younger than his 60 years.

Mistresses Hefner difficult to count, but rumor has it that they, if desired, through the bed «boss» turned into «girls of month» Playboy centerfold. Donna Michelle, Marilyn Cole, Lillian Muller, Patti Machur, Terri Welles, Shannon tweed, brandy Roderick… almost all of them were under the age of 20. Stand mistress, with whom Hefner has lived for several years: Mary Warren, barbi Benton, Karen Christy, Sondra Teodor, Carrie Lee (then unsuccessfully tried to sue Hugh $ 35 million).

After the divorce with his second wife (Kimberly Conrad), in 1999-m to year, Hugh Hefner decided not to limit himself to one mistress. Then in the Playboy mansion began to settle «Quartet» and «trio» mistresses. This beauty in the «harem Hefner» had similar type: blondes with big Tits. Itself recognized Hugh, throughout his life, he was not just looking for the perfect woman, but women similar to the girl, who lived nearby, when he was a teenager: she appeared to him at night in an erotic fantasy.

To bury himself Hugh Hefner bequeathed to Vestusa cemetery, next to the first «live model» Playboy Marilyn Monroe. However, on his death, he prefers to speak, as the next romantic adventure.

The «fat Jeff» wants to buy the Playboy mansion and turn it into an elitist club 01.02.2016

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