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The Federation Council of Russia: «abroad» activates the funding of non-systemic opposition

In the annual report, presented March 5 at the enlarged session of the interim Commission of the Federation Council for the defence of the sovereignty and prevent interference in the Affairs of the Russian Federation States: in the course of the election campaign increased imports of cash from abroad – «to feed those who are usually called non-systemic opposition».

«At the time of completion of this report (February 2018), that is, in the midst of the Russian presidential elections, according to credible sources the Commission receives evidence of increased importation from outside cash to feed those who are usually called non-systemic opposition, including Russian supporters advocated using foreign funds to the propaganda tactics of boycott of elections», – said in the document quoted by news Agency TASS.

The authors of the report claim that signals about the flow of money coming from almost all Federal districts of Russia – from Kaliningrad to the Far East: «in Addition to direct external financing of the Russian opposition political structures of nature, there are numerous facts so-called the study «promising politicians» of Russia abroad. This kind of study is usually anti-Russian character, and is conducted in the Baltic countries and the United States with the participation of officials of these countries.»

The report also says that Washington is using the capabilities of its diplomatic and consular presence in Russia, actively works to gather information about the attitudes of voters in Russia, their perception of the socio-economic situation and assessments of the impact of economic sanctions.

It is also noted that «only measures taken by the state (law on registration of NGOs, leading political activities and receiving assistance from abroad as «foreign agents») made it possible to significantly limit the rising tide of monetary resources, more reminiscent of political bribery from the outside,» writes the news Agency «Interfax».

The website recalls that the main task of the interim Commission was declared for the collection, analysis and synthesis of information on the status of legislation and law enforcement practice in the sphere of protection of state sovereignty and prevent interference in Russia’s internal Affairs. Members are also required to monitor the activities of foreign States, interstate associations and international organizations, «aimed at the implementation of intervention in political, economic, cultural and humanitarian activities in the Russian Federation».

The Federation Council of Russia: «abroad» activates the funding of non-systemic opposition 05.03.2018

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