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The fifth anniversary of the spring of dashed hopes. Review of Arab media

The TV channel «al Jazeera» talks about how to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Arab spring in her native Tunisia. 17 December 2010 a street vendor Muhammad Bouazizi committed self-immolation, followed by a radical change in the entire middle East. However, the Tunisians who participated in the demonstrations five years ago, talk about missed opportunities and unfulfilled hopes.

The website of Hamas ‘ Palestine-info website asserts that the Jewish religious fanatics operating under the protection of Israeli police, desecrated by their presence one of the main shrines of Islam – the temple mount. The Muslims refused to enter into a confrontation with the vandals, limiting loud, but peaceful statements about the greatness of Allah.

The London newspaper «al-Rai al-Youm» writes about the expansion of economic cooperation between Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Riyadh Cairo has allocated eight billion dollars in investments and secured demand for oil over the next five years. The publication notes that king Salman has returned to the doctrine of his predecessor, providing for the rapprochement with Egypt.

Saudi Gazette quotes the Director General of the Department of local councils Judai al-Qahtani. According to him, the local authorities, where women were elected, will hold separate meetings for different sexes. However, he stressed that both the authority and wages of men and women members of the same.

Kuwaiti newspaper «al-Rai» with some delay draws attention to the publication of the New Yorker magazine, in which U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry said the offer of Bashar al-Assad to make peace between Israel and Syria. The plan called for the normalization of relations, Damascus American aid and the settlement of the question of the Golan. However, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected it.

The fifth anniversary of the spring of dashed hopes. Review of Arab media 17.12.2015

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