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The fighting in Damascus has suffered one of the buildings of the Russian Embassy

On Sunday, March 19, during clashes in Damascus suffered one of the buildings belonging to the infrastructure of the Russian Embassy. Information confirmed by Russian Ambassador to Syria Alexander Kindgom.

«We have a house that we temporarily do not use – near the epicenter of yesterday’s clashes. There is, as I said, the blast wave beat out glasses in Windows. But there is now no one living, except local watchman», – quotes RIA Novosti the explanation by the Ambassador.

According to Kinshasa, the building stands apart from the Embassy and is on the balance of the diplomatic mission. «Before we used it – there was supposed to be the consular section, there were residential apartments. But after the crisis began (and the area is close to territories controlled by illegal armed groups), this building was in the high risk area. We were forced to mothball the building and temporarily stop its operation. All moved to the main Embassy complex,» – said the Ambassador, who assesses the damage as minor.

Earlier it was reported that the militants of the terrorist group «Jabhat Fatah al-sham» and their allies attacked March 19, the positions of Syrian government forces in the East of Damascus. The purpose of the onset of action is the amalgamation of two Metropolitan area controlled by Islamists – Kabun and Jobar. The militants operating under the cover of artillery and missiles have managed to accomplish this task. The assault group of terrorists attacked government troops through the city sewers. «Jabhat Fatah al-sham» has achieved some success in the attack on the city center. To repel the attacks were concentrated reserves, including armored vehicles. The captured districts were able to repel.

The offensive was launched amid reports of the impending withdrawal from Syria of units of the Lebanese grouping «Hezbollah». According to the Russian «Izvestia», the issue was discussed in Astana at the negotiations of Russia, Iran and Turkey. The Shiite Hizbullah is the hatred of the moderate Syrian opposition, and Turkey considers the group a terrorist. The publication notes that Iran is ready to agree to the withdrawal of Shiite fighters from Syria in exchange for security guarantees Shiites in Northern Syria. The reason for this tractability is the group incurred heavy losses and the fact that after one and a half years, the Russian operation in Syria the regime of Bashar al-Assad has not threatened to fall.

The fighting in Damascus has suffered one of the buildings of the Russian Embassy 20.03.2017

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