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The film about the Hasidim of new York has come under fire by the Jews

Heidi Ewing, Director of the documentary «One of us», about the life of the Hasidim in new York, apologized for his remarks about the Holocaust made last Thursday in the program «Charlie rose» on PBS.

About it writes on Monday, October 23, the Israeli g azeta The Jerusalem Post.

In this picture taken with a film company Netflix, which premiered last Friday, we are talking about three new Yorkers who have left the Hasidic community and the difficulties of transition to another way of life.

Ewing said in an interview with TV presenter Jeff Porom that the vast majority of Hasidic Jews were exterminated in the Holocaust because they rejected the idea of assimilation. They continued to wear traditional clothes, openly proud of their national and religious identity and that pride allegedly led to their death.

Representatives of the Jewish community of the United States said that this statement is not true: the Nazis destroy the Jews, regardless of their identity and level of religiosity, killing those who in any way identified themselves with Judaism.

Ewing acknowledged the truth of these accusations and published on its website a formal apology, saying: «I apologize if my words caused someone pain, but I want to clarify their meaning. Hasidic Jews were exterminated during the Holocaust because they are easier to identify. This fact is confirmed by a number of historians. To refuse to change their appearance and disguise themselves as Europeans – such a step demanded real courage. I am full of respect for those who do not change their principles even when his life is in danger.»

The film about the Hasidim of new York has come under fire by the Jews 23.10.2017

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