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The financial crisis of ISIS: jihadists leave without chocolate

The AP reports that the terrorist group «Islamic state», recently hastasana issue their own gold coins, faced with a severe financial crisis. Reason is a successful American and Russian bombing and the fall in oil prices.

The authorities of the «Caliphate» had to cut in half the salaries of the employees of the public sector, as well as fighters. The jihadists have lost many bonuses, including free chocolate and energy drinks. The fighters in Fallujah do not receive money.

Correspondents who have spent in Syria and Iraq a few weeks, they say that utilities are accepted only in U.S. dollars, which must be purchased on the black market. In controlled areas observed power outages.

Families of detainees can now release them by paying a ransom of 500 dollars. Another innovation – instead of whipping, which punished many minor offences, fines are introduced.

The financial crisis of ISIS: jihadists leave without chocolate 17.02.2016

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