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The financing of school education and the success of schools: MoE statistics

The Ministry of education has published a detailed report on the state of the school system for the 2015-2016 academic year.

According to the Ministry, this year the budgets of primary schools and secondary schools in underprivileged settlements increased on average by 6%, whereas in the remaining 3%.

Elementary state-religious school received an average 17.300 shekels per pupil state secular – 15 thousand, the state of Arab – 17 thousand, and the ultra – 13.

In upper secondary schools state-religious schools received 33 thousand shekels per student, secular – 27 thousand, the Arab – 21.4 thousand, and the ultra-Orthodox – 19.7 thousand shekels.

Because in addition to the base funding, there are additional parameters, the budget of high schools varies between settlements.

Most per pupil of schools the regional Council and Merom Hagalil – 44,6 thousand shekels. Completed his studies in per pupil was allocated 43.5 thousand shekels, in Emek Mayanot – 42,3 thousand shekels, on the Golan heights – 40,4 thousand shekels. Also in the top ten secondary schools in Beit Shean, Efraty, Lower Galilee, and Tirat Carmel, Kiryat Arba and Kiryat Shemona.

For comparison, in Modiin-ILite student was allocated 11.5 million shekels in Beitar-ILIT – to 15.2 thousand in fly … – 16.4 thousand, in even Yehuda 16.9 per thousand in Neve Midbar, – 17,5 thousand in Bnei Brak – 17,6 thousand in Kefar Yona – 17.9 thousand in Julie and Nahal Sorce – 18.9 thousand, in the Rhine – 19 thousand shekels.

In terms of percentage of pupils receiving matriculation, two leading state religious schools for girls», Ulpanat Kfar pines and Ulpanat even-Shmuel», 100% of students whom received a certificate. Also in the top ten are middle school Beit Jann, tel Aviv school, «Shevach Mofet», the ORT school name max Schein in Rehovot, a school for girls «, Ulpanat will Toranit Horev» in Jerusalem, «Ulpanat a-Rabbi Shauli» in Ashdod and the «Ulpanat Yeshurun» in Petah Tikva, school», Andsim» in Herzliya and the school of agriculture «a-Kfar a-Yarok» of tel Aviv and the Sharon.

The lowest share in the technological school «Alnajah» in Baka El-Garbia, where matriculation has received only 6.7% of graduates in the educational centre ORT Kfar Saba (10,8%), in the scientific and engineering centre of ORT in Nazareth (15.4 per cent).

In terms of percentage of pupils receiving a matriculation certificate with distinction, leading Ramat HaSharon (24.1% of pupils), Givatayim (19,5%), Modiin-Maccabim-Reut, gush Etzion, Givat-Shmuel, Bright, Kiryat Ono, Netanya, tel Mond and Ramat Gan.

Less standouts in Hazor, Glilit and Maale Iron (0,5%), Ofakim, Segev Shalom, Sderot, Samaria, rate, Serzone, Arar and Rekhasim.

The best place to work according to the teachers were «Ḩawātah Noal, Ciani» in Jerusalem, «ORT Sharett» in nazrat-ILIT, multidisciplinary school «Noverim be-Galil» in Tiberias, ORT Tiberias «Makif Lehman» and «Makif, Zinman» in Dimona, «Ironi Alef» in Haifa and the ORT Arad.

Among other things, the Ministry has published a list of 50 schools with the largest number of students in classes.

The leader in this school «a-Shita» in Rehovot, where you learn average of 36.8 pupils per class, which is 31% higher than the average for the country. Also more than 36 students in schools «Yitzhak Shamir» in Holon, and «Argaman» in ness Ziona.

35 or more students in average schools «Ehud manor» in Petah Tikva, «Gordon» in tel Aviv and «Torana Ariel» in modi’in.

Completing the top ten busiest schools of the school «Reut» (Rishon LeZion), «Uzi Hitman» (Petah-Tikva), «Shivtei Israel» (modi’in) and «Jacob Cohen» (Kiryat Ono).

A large number of schools Rehovot, Petah-Tikva, Rishon LeZion and modi’in are in the 2-5 dozens of the busiest schools.

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The financing of school education and the success of schools: MoE statistics 22.08.2017

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