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The fire at Grenfell Tower: in the list of «missing» a lot of kids and people from the Middle East

Investigation of the reasons and circumstances of emergence of a fire, which in the West of London completely burned 120-apartment high-rise building Grenfell Tower, continues.

In this house, according to various sources, lived from 400 to 600 people. Still, it remains unclear how many of them managed to escape.

— A fire at Grenfell Tower: photos of London

Official information about how many people have died as a result of this fire, which occurred early on the morning of June 14, still no. Not published and a full list of missing persons.

Meanwhile, the British media and social networks published information about possible victims of the fire at Grenfell Tower, among which there are a lot of people from other countries – including the Middle East and Africa.

As of 15 June, the UK authorities have confirmed the deaths of only 17 people. But experts say that killed at least 100, and possibly hundreds of people.

The British newspaper Telegraph, Sky News and Daily Mail names the following names «missing»:
— Lucas James (12 years)
— Isaac Shavo (5 years)
Gloria Trevisan (age 27, Italy)
— Marco Gottardi (age 27, Italy)
— Marius, Elgamri (about 20 years)
Khadijah SIA (24)
Mary Mendy (about 60 years)
— Muhammad al-Hajali (23 years old, a refugee from Syria)
— Abdul Aziz al-Wahabi (52)
— Fouzia al-Wahabi (42)
— Yasin al-Wahabi (21)
— Nurhuda al-Wahabi (15 years)
— Mehdi al-Wahabi (8 years)
— Isaac Paulos (2 years)
— Sheila Smith (84)
— Zainab Deen (about 35 years)
— Jeremiah Dean (preschool age)
Jessica Urbano (12 years)
Ali Yavar Jafari (82)
— Hamid Kani (61 years old, from Iran)
— Saber ned (57 years)
— Muhammad week (about 50 years)
— Nur Jamal Cider (about 35 years)
— Hashim Khidir (about 40 years)
— Yahya Cider (13 years old)
— Firdous Cider (11 years)
— Jakub Cider (6 years)
— Nadia Chukar (about 20 years)
— Mo Tukku (about 30 years)
— Steve Power (63)
— Hashes Rakhmen (57 years)
— FRAS Ibrahim (30 years)
Ezra Ibrahim (30 years)
— Fatiha Ahman (about 70 years)
— Rana Ibrahim (30 years) and her two children 3 and 5 years
— Tony Dissona (65)
— Raymond Bernard (age unknown)
Dennis Murphy (50 years)
Spotlight Ramdan (about 25 years)
— Omar Belkadi (about 30 years)
— 6-month-old daughter Lights and lobster

Newspaper the Sun writes that in the lists of the missing are 65 names.

The Sun also publishes the name of the tenant because of fire, defective refrigerator in the apartment which burned the whole house. This 44-year-old Behailu Kebede. He first called the fire Department. But the cause of death of many people, as experts believe, was not the fire in a separate apartment, and the use of plastic cladding materials in building construction.

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The fire at Grenfell Tower: in the list of «missing» a lot of kids and people from the Middle East 16.06.2017

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