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«The first and the Third Rome met on the Island of Freedom.» Review of the Russian media

The Deputy of the state Duma from party «Fair Russia» Ilya Ponomarev considers illegal its correspondence arrest, sanctioned by the authorities of the Russian Federation in April of last year. To prove it he intends in the European court of human rights (ECHR). According to defenders of the Deputy, the complaint already sent to Strasbourg, the newspaper «Kommersant».

In December 2015, it was reported that the Federal service of court bailiffs (FSP) concluded the enforcement proceedings against the Deputy, he was charged the full amount of the debt, and the Executive collection. Lawyer Maria bast said that he considers the matter of Ilya Ponomarev and his correspondence arrest politically motivated.

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said that yesterday’s terrorist attack in Ankara, which killed 28 people, was executed by the military wing of the Syrian Kurdish Party the democratic Union (PDS). Immediately after the attack, the Turkish air force began to strike at the territory of Northern Iraq where, according to Turkish authorities, was a group of 60-70 members associated with the PDS of the Kurdistan workers party (PKK). In Turkish Kurdistan in the South, meanwhile, there was a second attack that, according to preliminary data, killed seven members of the security forces of Turkey, according to the same magazine.

Whether the plane the Prime Minister of Greece is to land on a Greek island in the Aegean sea? It turns out that no, if «good» landing in Turkey, writes «Rossiyskaya Gazeta».

On Thursday it became known about the prohibition of Ankara for the flight of the plane of the head of the Greek government over the territory of Turkey due to its planned refueling on the Greek island of Rhodes in the Aegean sea. As it turned out, the incident occurred last week during the official visit of Alexis Tsipras in Iran a small business jet to the Greek premiere brand «Embraer» is needed to make a refueling stop on the way to Tehran.

The same newspaper reports with reference to the publication Times of Israel that Israeli archaeologists have discovered traces of a settlement, founded at least 7 thousand years ago. The discovery was made during excavations preceding the construction of the road in Jerusalem. Until now it was believed that the first settlements on this territory appeared about 4,8 — 5 thousand years ago. However, in the area of Shuafat, were found the remains of two houses, whose age has forced scholars to change the view of the history of Jerusalem.

«Russia and Turkey are risking to unleash a full-scale war» – so the article published in this Thursday’s «the Independent newspaper». In this article the authors conduct an analysis of other publications, the result of which lead them to this conclusion.

In particular, The Financial Times writes that Russia’s actions in Syria should alarm the West, since the risk of develop into a more full-scale war between these countries. Conflict can cause a new influx of refugees to Europe. The publication suggests that «the Russian President became the main player in Syria because President Barack Obama to civil war was more like agony than action.»

AFP reports that Turkey and Russia run the risk of escalating conflict in Syria. The Agency writes that the bombing of Russia in Syria and Turkey shelling Kurdish positions actually led to the emergence of a separate sub-crisis within the five-year war. Now the conflict between Russia and Turkey is primarily a conflict of words, but analysts warn about the possibility of a real clash of the parties.

Tonight in Brussels opened a two-day EU summit. This year’s first meeting of European leaders on two major crises that now overcomes integration Association, and British migration. Both of these problems revealed the contradictions between Germany and Eastern European countries, according to the columnist of this newspaper Daria Franz in the article entitled «the EU Summit will push Eastern Europe to Western».

The guidelines asked of the summit, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who argued that the quota on allocation of workers is made in such a negligible extent that the discussion of any new quotas would be «ludicrous». Instead, leaders have to decide whether the agreement between Brussels and Ankara to deal with the causes of influx of migrants. If the answer is negative, it is necessary to close the borders of Greece with FYROM and Bulgaria, putting Athens in a difficult position and undermining the EU and the Schengen area. It is plead for this all the same visegradi. Merkel promised to fight like a lioness on the summit for the crisis as part of the deal between the EU and Turkey.

Pro-government newspaper «Izvestia» published on Thursday an article of the press Secretary for the investigative Committee Vladimir Markin, in which he asks: «Why does the West need a war against Russia.»

«Western politicians and media, that is, ceased to be shy and suffered anti-gag on various occasions and without cause. Unaware of how destroying our own image of the rule of law and civilized societies. Why should we, the citizens of Russia, to try to instill that in the person we elected and popular leader to blame for all the ills of the West? No, perhaps his constituents this explanation of the failures of the policies of the West makes sense. But at what cost?»

Criticized to the nines all the accusations made against Russia, the world community, Markin concludes this article by appeal to the Russian classics: «However, about the implementation of such desires of the West there are fine examples in our Russian classics. For example, about a jealous old woman, who wished to be a mistress of the sea…»

«Komsomolskaya Pravda»published an odious column of Israel Shamir, a former Israeli journalist, now publishing in the Russian media-article anti-Semitic and anti-Western wing, in which he talks about «the meeting of Rome and the patriarchs of Moscow on Liberty island occurred on the eve of the feast of the presentation of the Lord»

«Any nonsense from the life of the Church – the bishops about the clock or speeches unhappy archdeacon media and social networks are buzzing incessantly. Really important said and became silent. This is already a thing of the past, history, not Newspapers, they tell me. But no. Let’s talk about the meeting of the abbots and First of the Third Rome. It can serve as the beginning of détente and reconciliation between the two churches velikolepetinskii,» says Shamir.

«The first and the Third Rome met on the Island of Freedom.» Review of the Russian media 18.02.2016

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