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The first Friday of Ramadan after the terrorist attack in tel Aviv: the blockade and the strengthening of security measures

On the night of 10 June, on the first Friday of Ramadan, the military and border guards blocked the territory in Judea and Samaria controlled by the Palestinian authority. Discontinued operation checkpoint on the border with the Gaza strip. The blockade will last until the end of the holiday of Shavuot.

The press service of the IDF reported: «During the validity of the blockade, the admission of Arabs from the Palestinian territories will be allowed only for emergency medical or humanitarian reasons with a permit from the civil administration in the Palestinian territories». However, the report stresses that this coming Friday, an exception will be made for Muslims intending to take part in Friday prayers on the Temple mount.

The decision to impose blockade of the Palestinian territories was taken by the IDF, with the approval of the government on the results of the overall assessment of the situation, as well as in connection with investigation of circumstances of terrorist attack on the territory of shopping center «sarona» in tel Aviv.

In the night of Friday, the Israeli military carried out an operation in the village of Yatta (South of Hebron), originally inhabited by Hamas militants Muhammad and Khalid, Makhamra that conducted the June 8 terrorist attack in tel Aviv that killed four Israelis – IDO Ben-Ari (42) of Ramat Gan, Ilan, Nave (39) from tel Aviv, Michael Feige (58) from Midreshet Ben-Gurion and Mila Mishayev (32) from Rishon LeZion.

Palestinian Agency Maan reports that the military raided Yatta in the houses belonging to the clan, Makhamra. In addition, searches and detentions of suspects were held last night in Beit AUA (village, West of Hebron, located on the border with Israel), close to Hebron, and in Ramallah, Bethlehem, Qalqilya and in the Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem. During some operations, the military had used lethal weapons to disperse the crowd. According to Maan, the searches were carried out in the homes of Hamas activists.

Special attention is paid to security measures in Jerusalem. On 9 June, the command of Jerusalem district police decided not to restrict the age of the Muslims, who will be allowed access to the temple mount on the first Friday of Ramadan. The police of the capital brought into a state of maximum readiness. In the Old city of Jerusalem and the Arab quarters of the city are concentrated large forces of police and border police of the MAGICIAN. Leading to the Old town streets are closed to traffic from 06:30 to 17:00 hours.

Earlier, the defence Ministry has cancelled all permits to visit Israel, issued for the period of Ramadan, the Palestinian Arabs of Judea, Samaria and the Gaza strip. In total, canceled more than 80 thousand of such permits.

Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman announced that cancels the authorization to grant the relatives of the bodies of dead terrorists. He also said that he would seek the destruction of homes of terrorist murderers within 24 hours after the attack.

«The Palestinian information center reports that on Thursday evening, the Israeli police are not allowed to smuggle food into the Old city of Jerusalem, intended for distribution to Muslims in al-Aqsa mosque.

On the evening of 8 June, shortly after the attack in the «Saron», the representative of Hamas in Gaza, Husam Badran declared that the attack in tel Aviv – the first «heroic action» of the Holy month of Ramadan, which this year, he said, would be «a nightmare for the Zionists». After reports of the attack in Hebron, Nablus and Gaza were arranged celebrations about «the successful promotion of Jihad and Ramadan. The attack was welcomed by the leadership of Hamas, «Islamic Jihad» «Brigades of martyrs of al-Aksy» (the military wing of Fatah), popular resistance Committees, the popular front for the liberation of Palestine and other groups.

The first Friday of Ramadan after the terrorist attack in tel Aviv: the blockade and the strengthening of security measures 10.06.2016

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