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The first major confrontation between the United States and Syria: 100 killed by Assad supporters

The press service of the US-led Western coalition said that the Syrian troops and their allies tried to attack the headquarters of the Kurdish Union democratic forces in the zone of de-escalation, located on the East Bank of the Euphrates.

According to the report, the attack was attended by about 500 soldiers, acting with the support of tanks T-72 and T-54, as well as artillery and mortar fire. When the radius of a mile from the headquarters exploded 20-30 rounds, they called for reinforcement.

«The militia and the U.S. troops requested artillery and air support. According to our estimates, destroyed at least 100 supporters of the Syrian regime,» — said the representative of the coalition, adding that it was about self-defence.

None of the American soldiers was hurt. As the representative of the Western coalition Colonel Thomas Veale, one of the Kurdish militiaman was injured.

The commentary notes that the regime of Bashar al-Assad seeks to establish control over the oil field, located in the district of Kusama. The field, which became one of the main sources of income of ISIS, was liberated by the Kurds in September 2017.

The us military did not specify whether he participated in the attack as Shiite fighters and the Russian mercenaries. However, CNN reports that the investigation of possible participation of the Russians hired private companies given special attention.

«We have maintained constant contact with representatives of the Russian contingent – before, during and after the collision. We were assured that the Russian military was not involved in this incident,» said the coalition.

The first major confrontation between the United States and Syria: 100 killed by Assad supporters 08.02.2018

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