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The former sexual slave of the IG gave a lecture in Cairo: «Islam is defamed»

21-year-old Nadia Murad basi Taha, who spent three months in captivity of militants of the «Islamic state» in Iraq as a sex slave, delivered a lecture at Cairo University. Before this presentation, Nadia was accepted personally by the President of Egypt Abd al-Fattah al-Sisi.

Rules sex life with slaves in the «Islamic state»: the text of the fatwa 64

Speaking before the students of Cairo University, Nadia told, what atrocities did the militants in her native village.

Nadia Murad lived in the Yezidi village of Kocho in Northern Iraq, along with his mother and brothers. She was a University student. In August 2014 Kocho was captured by is militants that killed more than 80 men (including brothers Murad) and stole in slavery of women and girls (approximately 150 families).

«When ISIS came to my village, they killed the boys, old men and young men – said Nadia. – The next day they killed the old and took away girls and young women in Mosul, I was among them».

«In Mosul I saw thousands of Yazidi women who were taken by the slaveholders. I was approached by a huge «desist» (action is), who wanted to take me. I got scared and asked the man, who was not so huge, to pick me up. But then it turned out that he is one of the most vile people I have ever met in my life. He was forcing me and other captives to beg him for mercy, and then raped us. We were treated worse than animals. They gathered together companies and raped girls. They were doing things that it is impossible to imagine. In their so-called Sharia court being known about us, they had a list with our names and phone numbers of slaveholders,» – said the former prisoner students.

According to Murad, the captive «caused» in any case again was going to rape them or to sell to the new «owner». Luckily, after three months of captivity Nadia managed to escape.

Nadia Murad stresses that she is a «victim of terrorism, covered by Islamic ideology». «All crimes (IG) is committed on behalf of Islam,» she says. That is why, says Murad, she decided on a trip on the countries of the Muslim world, to tell us how Islam is dragged in the mud along with the peoples who were under the power of the IG.

«No religion condones the subjugation of women and rape of children,» said during his lecture in Cairo Nadia Murad.

Earlier, Nadia Murad, spoke before the UN security Council.

The former sexual slave of the IG gave a lecture in Cairo: «Islam is defamed» 31.12.2015

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