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The Foundation of friendship delivered to Israel 110 immigrants from Ukraine

Marina and Alexander (17 and 15 years old) moved several years ago from Kiev in a small village near Kiev, Rakitnoe. In recent years, found fault on a national basis. They were constantly beaten. Several times have stitches. Several times they were admitted to hospital with the diagnosis «a brain concussion». Their only sin is that they do not speak Ukrainian, and their nationality. On February 23 they immigrated with his family to Israel in the framework of the 23rd on the Foundation of friendship.

The girls ‘ father said that «even the teacher joined the students, insulting the girls, calling them, for example, «separatistami». The girls ‘ mother added that if they appealed to justice, the situation only became more complicated: «in that case husband would be fired, and the children would remain hungry. When I heard about the Foundation of friendship, we immediately decided to repatriate».

Tuesday, in the framework of the 23rd on the Foundation of friendship that started to help with the repatriation from Ukraine to the end of 2014, arrived in Israel 110 returnees. The majority of returnees on the flight of the refugees from the Donbass. Many of them felt personal experience with the economic crisis and anti-Semitism. In the last year with the help of the Fund arrived at the promised land 2365 immigrants.

In view of the difficult economic situation of immigrants, the Foundation of friendship allocates$ 1000 to each adult and$ 500 per child, financed the flight to Israel, negotiates with local authorities on assistance in the absorption process, finding housing and work before repatriation. All this in addition to the regular benefits new immigrants from the Ministry of immigrant absorption.

Yechiel Rabbi Eckstein, President of the Foundation of friendship said: «To my regret, the case with Marina and Alexandra are not unusual. Our mission is not over yet. The situation in Ukraine is still heavy, and we are obliged to take care of the Jews who remained there. Our achievements in 2015 proved that the right actions can lead to an increase in the number of immigrants, and we intend to pursue our efforts in this direction in the future.»

The Foundation of friendship delivered to Israel 110 immigrants from Ukraine 24.02.2016

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