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The fourth debate Democrats: Clinton defends Obama’s legacy, Sanders calls for political revolution

In the course held on Sunday, January 17, the fourth and last televised debate between presidential candidates from the Democratic party USA, the favorite democratic presidential race Hillary Clinton acted as the defender of the legacy of President Barack Obama, while Barney Sanders has accused former us Secretary of state in liabilities to the financial sector.

The most heated of all democratic debate took place just two weeks before the first primaries informal or so-called Iowa Caucus (Congress factions) in Iowa, which will take place on 1 February. Caucus in Iowa as rules set the tone of all future pre-election race, therefore, are extremely important for the candidates. If earlier the majority of analysts were predicting Iowa victory Clinton, now in Iowa and new Hampshire, where on the first Tuesday of February will be held the first primaries, the gap between the candidates has declined sharply, which did not fail to note during the debate, Barney Sanders.

Hillary Clinton, campaign headquarters which shortly before the last debate he admitted that he underestimated Barney Sanders, was much more aggressive towards his opponent, than during earlier debates. Former Secretary of state has done everything to emphasize the desire for Sanders to spend even more serious medical reform than did President Obama, and explained that the actions of Sanders, not only will not lead to positive results, given the resistance of Republicans, but also can destroy the fruits of the efforts of the previous administration.

Clinton reminded viewers that Sanders recently changed its position regarding the arms trade and tried to convince his supporters that the tax increase that you want Sanders to reform health insurance is irresponsible.

Sanders, in turn, reminded Clinton that she, unlike him, received huge donations for his campaign from big financial corporations, and can not be the hostage of this situation. Sanders argues that if Clinton chooses, it will inevitably be favored by wall Street.

Third party debates the Governor of Maryland Martin O’malley is the youngest and severely lagging behind their rivals, the candidate who took in the debate is extremely passive participation, however, joined Sanders in his attacks on Clinton’s ties with the financial sector.

It is interesting that in the American media there is no consensus about which of the candidates has managed in the course of this debate to strengthen their positions. Hillary Clinton still holds a leading position in the polls, but the gap between her and Sanders was strongly reduced, which can lead to surprises during the primaries.

The fourth debate Democrats: Clinton defends Obama’s legacy, Sanders calls for political revolution 18.01.2016

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