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The gardener from Texas is at war with «Ukrainian fascists» in the Donbas

57-year-old Russell Bentley from Austin, Texas, conducts a campaign to raise money intended to fight government troops in Eastern Ukraine. This is his third year living in the UK collected more than $ 2,000 through the website GoFundMe, which has recently deleted his request.

About this Pro-Russian mission called «Collecting information in the Donbass,» wrote on Tuesday, July 25, network edition Shop.

«The puppet government of Kiev, financed by the US, claims that residents of Donbas terrorists and Russian troops allegedly invaded Eastern Ukraine. But Donetsk residents say they are fighting against the neo-Nazi regime in committing war crimes. One of them is lying, and I want to understand this personally,» writes Bentley on the website GoFundMe.

Website news service the BBC reported that an American armed with a grenade launcher, took part in the battles for the Donetsk airport. He regularly publishes videos on YouTube, raising money through their own website and gives an interview to the leading mass media – in particular the British newspaper The Guardian.

At home, Bentley has not achieved impressive success: it earned the fact that was cutting the trees. But the video is from 2014, where they were sealed attack of the Ukrainian air force on city of Lugansk, inspired him and prompted action.

«If Donbass falls, and the Nazis would be right on the Russian border, will start a nuclear war that will affect us all, dudes. I’m fighting the real Nazis for two years, and you – rags, only can do is to close my access to money,» the unpretentious way he sets out his political credo.

The gardener from Texas is at war with «Ukrainian fascists» in the Donbas 25.07.2017

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