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«The girl phoned her mother to say good-bye». Daily Mail about victims of a fire at Grenfell Tower

Newspaper Daily Mail published revised data on deaths and injuries in a fire that broke out in a 120-apartment high-rise building Grenfell Tower in West London.

As of 17 June, the UK authorities have confirmed the death of 30 people. 70 people were missing, the likelihood is high that they were lost. 24 people are in hospitals, 12 of them in intensive care.

The newspaper says some of the victims of the fire. A young Italian couple, Gloria and Trevisan Marco Gottardi died in his apartment, unable to get out of there. Gloria and Marco, both graduates of the faculty of architecture, moved to London three months ago. They rented an apartment on the 23rd floor, so they captured the view, opened from the window. A few minutes before the death of the young people managed to call their relatives in Italy. Marco asked his father not to worry, but 15 minutes later Gloria called the mother, said goodbye to her, saying, «Mom, thanks for everything you’ve done for me».

72-year-old Abdullah Salah out of the apartment on the 17th floor in pyjamas and dressing-gown, his wife, 54-year-old Khadija, hand. However, a stampede that arose on the stairs, he lost his balance and accidentally released the hand of Khadijah. When he was on the street, women weren’t. Apparently, she died. The couple were married for 28 years.

23-year-old Muhammad al-Hajali ran out of the apartment on the 14th floor along with his older brother, 25-year-old Omar. However, when Omar looked around, I realized that the brother apparently left the house after failing to get through the crowd, running down the stairs of people. A few months ago, the brothers (along with Junior, Hashim, who lives in another part of town) left Syria, refugee status. Omar could not believe that Muhammad «has survived in Syria only to die in a quiet and peaceful London.»

Also killed 24-year-old artist Khadijah SIA, unable to leave the apartment on the 20th floor, where she lived together with a 50-year-old mother, Mary Mendy. A few minutes before death she called her friends, asking them to pray for her and her mother. Currently work Khadija Saye are on display in Venice.

42-year-old Susan Sukar lost in the London terror three daughters and three members of his family. She at that time was in the hotel. According to Sassen, the only thing that sustains her is the hope of finding them alive.

«The girl phoned her mother to say good-bye». Daily Mail about victims of a fire at Grenfell Tower 17.06.2017

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