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The global competitiveness rankings: Israel has become a leader in the Middle East

On the official website of the world economic forum published the global competitiveness Ranking in 2017-2018. Israel for the year rose from 24-th to 16-th place, occupying the highest position among the countries of the Middle East. A year ago, Israel was inferior to the UAE and Qatar.

The leader of the global ranking is Switzerland. Also in the top ten: USA, Singapore, Netherlands, Germany, Hong Kong, Sweden, UK, Japan, Finland.

In the second ten of the WEF competitiveness ranking this year is named: Norway, Denmark, New Zealand, Canada, Taiwan, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Austria, Luxembourg and Belgium.

Australia was at the 21st place, France – on the 22nd, China on the 27th, Russia – 38-m, Ukraine – 81.

The position of the countries of the Middle East: the leader of Israel, from which only one position behind the United Arab Emirates. Followed by Qatar (25th), Saudi Arabia (30), Bahrain (44), Kuwait (52) Turkey (53), Oman (62), Jordan (65), Iran (69), Egypt (100), Lebanon (105), Yemen (137). Syria in the WEF no.

What has enabled Israel to occupy a high position in the ranking of global competitiveness

The best results in Israel in the field of innovation, on this point the Jewish state in 2017-2018 takes 3rd place in the world ranking of the WEF. And Israel is in the top three in almost all sub-items: opportunities for innovation, quality of scientific research institutions, expenditure on research and development work, cooperation between universities and industry in research and development.

Israel has also been found in the TOP 10 (7th place) at such indicators as technological readiness. The top ten Israel got on sub: availability of latest technologies use of new technologies at the firm level, foreign direct investment and technology transfer.

The development of the financial market Israel has occupied 11-e a place in the world ranking, for the development of business – 15th.

The problems of the Israeli economy

WEF experts name the following as the main problems that reduce the competitiveness of Israel in the world market: inefficient government bureaucracy, high taxes, insufficient level of education of employees.

Among the less important but notable problems are: limitations of labour legislation, excessive regulation, tax policy, General political instability, lack of access to sources of financing, the unethical use of foreign labor, the instability of government, lack of preparedness of infrastructure and corruption.

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The global competitiveness rankings: Israel has become a leader in the Middle East 29.09.2017

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