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The government approved the increase in the quota of Palestinian workers by 30 thousand people

According to the newspaper Haaretz, the military-political Cabinet of the government approved raising the quota of Palestinian workers who receive work permits in Israel, with 58 thousand to 88 thousand people.

In addition, another 27 thousand Palestinians have the right to work in the settlements of Judea and Samaria.

New Palestinian workers will be allowed to work on construction sites, in industry, agriculture and services sector.

Those wishing to obtain permission to work in Israel will be checked by the General security service (SHABAK)

This decision was made with the support of the security services, who began work on the expansion of quota a month ago. In the IDF and the Shabak tend to believe that improving the economic situation in Judea and Samaria will stop the surge of terror. In addition, the Palestinians received work permits in Israel would be in their interest to prevent terrorist attacks in order not to lose resolution.

Since the beginning of the latest round of terror was recorded only two cases where the attack was committed by a Palestinian, have the right to work in Israel. 19 November in the building of the Panorama in tel Aviv construction worker killed Yigal Arnon Isaeva and Reuben of Avirama, injuring two people. 15 December in Medina were wounded two Israeli construction workers.

The number of terrorist attacks carried out by relatives of Palestinians with permits to work in Israel, is also small.

It should be noted that the Cabinet decision was made before the opinion recently expressed by the Minister of education and leader of right party «Bayt Yehudi» Naftali Bennett and the proposal to increase the quota up to 100 thousand people.

In parallel, the Ministry of internal security has introduced a bill significantly increasing the maximum penalties to business owners, providing jobs to illegals. The number of Palestinians working in Israel illegally, is estimated at 30 thousand people.

The government approved the increase in the quota of Palestinian workers by 30 thousand people 08.02.2016

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