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The government has approved the de-monopolization of market standardization

The legislative Commission of the government approved on Sunday, 20 December, the bill depriving the national Institute of standards monopoly in the Israeli market standardization.

Under the bill, private laboratories that meet certain requirements will be able to inspect the goods and services for compliance with quality standards.

This step will significantly reduce the residence time of imported goods at customs (according to the law, imported goods must meet Israeli safety standards) and lead to lower prices.

It should be noted that the lower prices will mostly be the consequence of reducing the storage costs of goods in the warehouse until cleared, not reduce the cost of the inspection.

The bill, designed by Deputy Roy Volkmann («Kulan»), received the support of the Minister of Finance Moshe Kahlon, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Director-General of the Ministry of economy Amit lang.

It is expected that the bill will pass all stages of approval in the Knesset for several months.

Meanwhile, the Association of Industrialists, is still actively using the monopoly of the Institute of standards to prevent competition from importers, strongly opposed the bill.

The leadership Institute of standards expressed his regret about the bill, stating that if adopted, Israel will be flooded with products of poor quality.

The government has approved the de-monopolization of market standardization 21.12.2015

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