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The growth of housing prices in Israel more than doubled the global average

International consulting company Knight Frank, specializing in real estate, published a report about the change in housing prices in 55 countries in the third quarter of 2015. In an average year the growth of prices on the global residential property amounted to 2.7%.

According to, a leader in annual price growth was Turkey (+18.9 per cent). According to analysts, the reason for this was the flow of foreign investment, population growth and the slowdown in construction.

Among European countries, the strongest real estate market was Sweden, where housing prices grew over the year by 11.1%. Israel was at the 18th place (+5.8 percent).

The change in house prices over the year in different countries
(from the third quarter 2014 to third quarter 2015)

Turkey (+18,9%)
Hong Kong (+18.7 per cent)
New Zealand (+12,6%)
Sweden (+11,1%)
Luxembourg (+10.1 per cent)
Australia (+9.8 percent)
Hungary (+9.5 percent)
Estonia (+9.1 per cent)
Ireland (+8.9 per cent)
Kazakhstan (+8,7%)
Mexico (+8,3%)
Iceland (+7,3%)
Colombia (+7%)
the island of Jersey (+6,3%)
Norway (+6,1%)
Denmark (+6,0%)
Malaysia (+5,9%)
Israel (+5,8%)
Canada (+5.6 percent)
Indonesia (+5,5%)
South Africa (+5,3%)
Lithuania (+5.0 percent)
USA (+4,9%)
Malta (+4,8%)
Germany (+4,7%)
South Korea (+4,2%)
India (+3,9%)
Romania (+3.7 percent)
The UK (+3.7 percent)
Czech Republic (+3,5%)
The Netherlands (+3.5 percent)
Croatia (+3,0%)
Bulgaria (+2,8%)
Slovenia (+2,5%)
Brazil (+2,4%)
Belgium (+2,2%)
Poland (+2,1%)
Switzerland (+2,0%)
Finland (+2,0%)
Austria (+1.4 per cent)
Latvia (+1,4%)
Spain (+1,2%)
Slovakia (+1,2%)
Portugal (+1,0%)
France (-2.9 percent)
Italy (-3,0%)
Greece (-4,9%)
Cyprus (-5,0%

The growth of housing prices in Israel more than doubled the global average 04.12.2015

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