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The Guardian: Saudi Arabia has offered to send troops to Syria

Ian Black

On Tuesday, the correspondent of The Guardian, Ian black, the Ministry of defence of Saudi Arabia for the first time proposed to introduce ground troops into Syria to fight with Islamic state.

«Our Kingdom is ready to participate in any ground operations (antiepilepsy) coalition, on holding Syria in which she can agree,» — said in an interview with TV channel «al Arabiya» the representative of the defense Ministry major-General Ahmad al-Asiri.

«Saudi sources told The Guardian that we are talking about sending thousands of riot police, perhaps together with Turkey,» the article says.

The author reminds that Saudi Arabia and Turkey seek the overthrow of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and a few weeks ago set up a military coordination body.

«The current action against ISIS frustrating, said Saudi analyst Mohammed Alyahya. — Increasingly, it seems that none of the armed groups operating in Syria, in addition to rebel groups, does not want to fight with ISIL. The Assad regime, Russia and Hezbollah is busy fighting the opposition, opposing the Bashar al-Assad, with one obvious purpose — to keep Assad in power, how would the lives of Syrian civilians is neither demanded».

The Guardian: Saudi Arabia has offered to send troops to Syria 05.02.2016

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