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The Guardian: What is more dangerous, Russia or the Islamic state

«The statement of us Senator John McCain that «he believes Vladimir Putin is more dangerous than the «Islamic state» has sparked protests among experts and pundits in social networks,» writes Mary Dejevsky in The Guardian. «Many found his argument absurd. How can Putin, or anyone, to be a greater threat than the militant theocracy, staged a riot in the middle East and decapitation of those who comes across their path?» – the article says.

But McCain spoke first, on global security and, secondly, on Western democracy in light of how Donald trump could or could not achieve the presidency.

«It just so happened that I disagree with McCain and how he perceives the Russian democracy and how far are the evil intentions of Putin concerning democracy in other places, writes Dejevsky. – Putin’s Russia does not even look like the decrepit Soviet Union in its last years from the point of view of what its citizens may say or do. Travel and the Internet has opened up Russia to the world so that it will be hard to reverse – even if you think that Putin is going to do it (I don’t think so). And if Putin is not the biggest enemy of democracy in their country, why should he try to undermine it abroad – or even imagine that can do it?».

McCain is on firmer ground when he talks about global security. Here the superiority of Russia over IG, of course, irrefutable. Even if its armed forces are still not quite modernized, Russia is a nuclear power, the article says.

«It should be obvious that Russia is infinitely greater potential threat than ISIS, or rather would be, if you were her enemy and she’d decided to fight. A coincidence that Russia is for the most part not in a fighting mood, and touting itself the «Islamic state», of course, is set to fight, has distorted our understanding of the relationship of these threats. John McCain was wrong in attributing to Russia have hostile intentions, however, trying to balance IG with Russia, he did absolutely the right conclusion,» admits the journalist.

The Guardian: What is more dangerous, Russia or the Islamic state 31.05.2017

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