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The Hamas delegation arrived in Iran, «to congratulate President Rouhani»

Friday, August 4, in Tehran for the celebration of the second inauguration of President Hassan Rouhani arrived official delegation of the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas («Islamic resistance movement»).

According to Iranian media, a delegation of members of Hamas Politburo Izzat ar-Rishak and Salah al-Arouri. They must pass Rouhani’s congratulations on his election to a second term from the Chairman of the Hamas Politburo, Ismail Haniyeh.

Apparently, the visit to Tehran will be used by the leaders of Hamas and for negotiations over financial assistance to this organization by the Iranian authorities.

In late may, leaving London Saudi newspaper «Ash-shark al-Ausat» referring to the Palestinian sources said that the meeting in Beirut meeting of senior representatives of the terrorist organization Hamas with representatives of Hizbullah and the Iranian «revolutionary guards» had reached a preliminary agreement on the resumption of funding of Hamas by Tehran. According to these sources, an agreement was reached on the resumption of relations between Hamas and Iran, providing for the restoration of funding is interrupted against the backdrop of civil war in Syria.

The newspaper noted that Tehran supported the election of Haniyeh to the post of the head of the Hamas Politburo and was opposed to the leader of this organization was Musa Abu marzouk, accused Iran’s leadership of lying about the alleged aid to the Palestinian «resistance.»

Shortly after the US imposed new sanctions against Iran over support for terror.

The financial crisis of the Hamas intensified amid boycott by the Arab countries of Qatar, which until recently provided financial support to the Palestinian «Islamic resistance movement».

The Hamas delegation arrived in Iran, «to congratulate President Rouhani» 04.08.2017

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