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The head of Chechnya said the oppositionist Yashin in Instagram: «he’s a Funny dude»

The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov commented on the social network Instagram post of opposition leader Ilya Yashin in Facebookпод name «Who covers murderers Nemtsov?», in which he wrote: «everything that happens around Nemtsov is a travesty of the all who was close to this man.»

Kadyrov’s comment was short: «he’s a Funny dude» – said the head of Chechnya, the leader of the opposition, providing these words many «emoticons», writes the website

Yashin, in addition, claimed to a consequence, arrested at the first stage of the real criminals, for several months, «successively deduces from-under blow not only real the customer of murder, but the key organizers.»

The oppositionist recalled that investigators suspected of involvement in the crime the Deputy commander of the police battalion «North» Ruslan Eremeev, which, according to him, «solved the organizational issues», while Zaur Dadaev, one of the defendants in the case, «were prepared directly pull the trigger». Another suspect, a former officer of the battalion «North» Ruslan muhudinov, recently arrested in absentia by the court, «was an ordinary member of the gangster group and did some small errands of Veremeeva, the driver of which worked,» said Yashin.

«Well, the next obvious link – Ramzan Kadyrov. Hard to believe that officers of its security agencies could organize such a high-profile political assassination without the knowledge of the head of the Republic. Kadyrov is the last link in this chain? It is an open question. If a result was seriously engaged in their work, and did not cover criminals, Kadyrov and his entourage would be sitting in handcuffs in the interrogation», – quotes the edition of the text Yashin.

The politician also said that does not exclude the participation in this crime «Moscow friends Ramzan» – ex-Deputy head of the administration of Vladimir Putin, now assistant to the President Vladislav Surkov and former head of the presidential security Service Viktor Zolotov.

«But, as the Investigative Committee openly afraid Kadyrov, the organizer of the murder Nemtsov named an ordinary member of the group of killers — the driver and the facilitator of Ruslan muhudinov. The main outcome of the matter is that Kadyrov’s gangsters realized they could kill anyone and anything it for it will not. Maximum arresting ordinary performers,» such a conclusion comes Yashin, who called the events «a shameful page in the history of Russia».

Recall that earlier this month, Ilya Yashin wrote an open letter to Kadyrov, stating that it is prepared to come to Grozny to meet the head of Chechnya and ask him «some questions».

The head of Chechnya said the oppositionist Yashin in Instagram: «he’s a Funny dude» 30.12.2015

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