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The head of «Mossad» was invited to the meeting of the government to report on Iran

Yossi Cohen, the head of the foreign intelligence Service of Israel («Mossad») was Sunday, August 13, invited to the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers a report on the situation in the region.

Israeli media reported that a large part of Cohen’s speech was devoted to Iran — its impact on the situation in the middle East and nuclear ambitions of the ayatollahs ‘ regime.

Speaking about the situation in Syria, the head of «Mossad» noted that Tehran through support of terrorist groups trying to gain a foothold in areas freed from the «Islamic state».

«Iran is trying to fill the vacuum», — quotes its words a site «Mako».

According to Israeli intelligence, the groups supported by Iran are Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen. The head of the «MOSAD» has warned that today the main trend of policy of Tehran is an attempt to gain a foothold in the region by using satellites.

In addition, Cohen noted that Iran has not refused intentions to become a nuclear power: the so-called «nuclear deal with Tehran,» according to him, only served to increase aggression and the spread of Iranian influence in the region. In addition, the agreement opened opportunities for new contracts, which in turn led to economic growth of Iran, writes, «Israel a-Yom».

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, after hearing the report of the Director of «Mossad», said: the data of this structure suggests that the nuclear agreement with Iran was a mistake.

August 13, the Parliament of Iran approved the allocation of 520 million dollars on the development of missile programs and expanding the activities of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps. Allegedly, this measure is intended to fight back «the arrogant us imperialists».

«The Americans should know that this is only the first step. The Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to repulse the American provocations of terrorists», – quotes the TV channel «al Arabiya» Chairman of the Parliament Ali Larijani.

As reported TASS, Konstantin Kosachev, Chairman of the international Affairs Committee of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, called the decision of the Iranian Parliament, a natural response to the tightening of sanctions. «The United States believes that they can do everything and others nothing. The world can be sustained only on the basis of equality of rights of States, but this does not exempt them from obligations to the international community», – said Russian politician.

The head of «Mossad» was invited to the meeting of the government to report on Iran 13.08.2017

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