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The head of the Commission investigating the terrorist attacks in Paris called to follow the example of Israel

French politician Georges Fenech, Chairman of the parliamentary Commission on investigation of the terrorist attacks in Paris, made a sensational statement. In a speech at the 16th conference of the international policy Institute counter-terrorism (ICT) in Herzliya, he argued that France should follow the example of Israel and to introduce the practice of administrative detention.

Fenech said that he was going to visit the Israeli prison ofer», which will be a model of this kind of penitentiary institutions in his country, wrote on Wednesday, September 14, the website of the newspaper the JerusalemPost.

The politician said that he, judge by profession, is not easy to accept the need for restrictions of civil liberties compatriots. But today in France, there are thousands of people suspected of terrorist activities, and he sees no other choice but pre-emptive measures.

«You can, if you want to hire their lawyers, but this time people will die. A restriction of your freedoms, the right to arrest terrorists before a tragedy occur, and to place him in a detention centre – that will help us to avoid danger,» – leads edition of the words of French parliamentarian.

Anticipating possible criticism, Fenech said he was not going «build Guantanamo in France: the centres will be strictly controlled, there will not allow the torture and humiliation of prisoners, and the detention without a court order will be strictly limited.

Earlier this week, former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who will participate in the presidential elections of 2017, has published the program of the fight against outbound from the Islamist threat. He proposed the establishment of ad hoc tribunals and special prison for the extremists.

«A French citizen suspected of having links with terrorists, for example, regularly visiting extremist websites or communicating with the radicals, should be subjected to preventive arrest. We have no right to be pretty,» said Sarkozy.

Against this plan were made by the current head of state Francois Hollande. In his opinion, tough action in response to a wave of attacks by Muslim radicals threatening the very character of the French Republic.

Recall that since the beginning of 2015 at the hands of radical Islamists in France killed 230 people. It is expected that safety issues will occupy a Central place in the campaign. According to polls, voters doubt the ability of the incumbent to resolve this issue.

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The head of the Commission investigating the terrorist attacks in Paris called to follow the example of Israel 14.09.2016

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