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The head of the EYELID protects trump: the President is «extremely intelligent and insightful»

The President of the world Jewish Congress (WJC) Ronald Lauder, heir to the cosmetics Empire Estee Lauder, contributed in another scandal around the US President, calling Donald trump «a man of incredible insight and intelligence.»

About it writes on Tuesday, January 9, publishing Аlgemeiner.

In published yesterday the statement of the Lauder notes that familiar with trump over half a century – in my youth they were both students at the University of Pennsylvania.

«I believe our President is a man of incredible insight and outstanding intelligence. But he is not a politician, and confused his critics. Trump refuses to mossy repeat political platitudes, he speaks to the people of his present, authentic language, and Americans understand that and appreciate it,» – quotes the edition the statement of the CENTURY.

This text was first published reporter Maggie Haberman on the page of the newspaper the New York Times on the social network Twitter, stressing that he is not registered.

Recall that the current scandal was triggered by the book by Michael wolf, entitled «Fire and fury: the White house trump,» which cites statements of politicians and public figures in questioning the suitability of the current President of the United States.

Book by wolf, a former columnist for the New York and Vanity Fair, based on two hundred interviews, and all interviewees agree on the fact that trump is not suitable for the role of President.

Among the most shocking allegations, the publication highlights the following:
Stephen Bannon, a former chief strategist of the campaign headquarters of the current President, called the meeting Donald trump Jr. with Russian officials a «betrayal.»

He claimed that trump was «horrified» after winning the presidential election, the White house appeared to him to be «intimidating,» and his wife Melania «then cried all night.»

Tramp was furious when the stars of show business ignored his inauguration

In addition, Bannon told the wolf that her daughter trump Ivanka plans to become the first woman President of the United States, and his son Jared Kushner supports the ambitious plan of his wife, and described according to Ivanka ridiculous efforts of Donald trump to hide his bald head.

The book also says: the former Prime Minister Tony Blair allegedly said during a February meeting with trump that British intelligence agencies spied on him and his campaign, as the newspaper The Times. Blair, according to the author, expected to take place, White house adviser on the Middle East. Himself a British politician called the allegations «completely false».

In response, trump said that Bannon «lost his mind» after he was dismissed from the post of chief strategist, who in an interview with Breitbart News called the President «a great man» that he had supported and will support, regardless of his position.

Trump later denied on Twitter the allegations laid out in this book, and said he is «very sane genius.»

The head of the EYELID protects trump: the President is «extremely intelligent and insightful»


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