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The head of the IMF called on the court: she is accused of negligence that threatens a year in prison

The head of the International monetary Fund (IMF), Christine Lagarde, former Finance Minister of France, which is suspected of illegal payment of large sums of businessman Bernard Tapie, a personal friend of President Nicolas Sarkozy, is due to appear in court.

This was reported on Thursday, December 17, the TV channel France 24.

French Court of justice (CJR) said that Lagarde should be tried for negligence, manifested in the high state post, threatening years in prison, according to TV channel iTele.

Lagarde categorically rejects these suspicions, according to which she used her influence «pushing» an arbitration payment in the amount of 285 million euros (407 million dollars), which ended a long legal battle between Tapie and state-owned Bank Credit Lyonnais.

Lagarde’s lawyer Yves Repik said on air of the TV channel BFM TV that such an investigation is not acceptable in relation to its clients, fulfilling the functions of the world today the lender.

Recall that Tapie had accused the Bank Credit Lyonnais fraud in the sale of its shares of Adidas, which in 1993 was established the consortium running the mentioned Bank.
After long trials in 2007 Lagarde, being the Minister of economy and Finance of France, ordered to refer the case Tapie in arbitration to expedite the consideration of the question, and in July 2008 the arbitration court obliged one of the state financial structures to pay Tapie damages in the amount of 240 million euros and around 100 million in the form of percent and 45 million in damages.

This decision caused a scandal, in which representatives of the Socialist party in France have accused the government of abuse of power and exerting pressure on the judiciary .

In early December, the Financial Times reported that the court of appeal of Paris ordered the TAPI to return to the state obtained after the sale of Adidas compensation

French Finance Minister Michel Sapin has already stated that the court’s decision will not prevent Lagarde to perform the duties as head of the IMF, while and until the court proved the guilt Lagarde, she is innocent.

The head of the IMF called on the court: she is accused of negligence that threatens a year in prison 18.12.2015

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