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The head of the «Israeli mafia» in new York sentenced to 20 years in prison

Thursday, February 25, the district court in tel Aviv sentenced crime boss Eitan Chiya to 20 years in prison. Chiya, who is called the head of the Israeli mafia in new York, 3 December 2015, was convicted of numerous violent acts, as well as blackmail, threats, money laundering and tax evasion. In addition to jail the offender was fined a million shekels. Chiya was also acquitted on charges of blackmail of the state witnesses.

Judge Zvi Gurfinkel for which this trial was the last before retirement, said during read out the sentence, «Chiya was the main axis of the case, and many witnesses refused to testify, fearing for their safety».

We will add that in the last days to judge Gurfinkel was put in charge of personal protection. At the time of the reading of the verdict in the courtroom and at the entrance there were riot police (CE), carefully to inspect all incoming.

The Eitan Chiya said to read out the sentence that «there is no doubt that the court will announce a sentence».

It is reported that 63-year-old Chiya, who left Israel in 1981 year and has returned to the country in 2004, was engaged in extortion of money from people who have taken loans on the black market. Chiya and his assistants practiced blackmail, threats, violent acts and attempts.

Chiya was also found guilty of tax evasion and money laundering. For many years he never reported to tax authorities about their financial activities, never opened a Bank account, paying in cash only and worked through figureheads.

The head of the «Israeli mafia» in new York sentenced to 20 years in prison 25.02.2016

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