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The head of the party «Avoda» elected AVI Gabay

Monday, July 10, members of the party «Avoda» chose AVI Gabaa Chairman of the party. According to the press service of the party «Avoda», AVI Gabay scored 52,2% of the vote, Peretz – 47,8%.

The turnout of 59% of party members.

At approximately 22:30, AVI Gabay will perform in front of their supporters at the headquarters of the party «Avoda».

The current head of the party «Avoda» and block «Zionist camp» Isaac Herzog called AVI Gabay and congratulated him on his victory. «I will have a AVI Gabay full support in efforts to strengthen the party «Avoda» and the struggle for change of power in the country.»

Earlier, the Duke issued a statement in which he said that immediately after the publication of the results, he will resign of the head of the party and block. Recall that AVI Gabay is not a member of the Knesset and cannot be the Chairman of the parliamentary coalition. After the second set of AVI Gabay proposed to the Duke to keep behind it a post of the head of the opposition if he wins the election. Despite this, the Duke chose to support in the second round to Amir Peretz. MP Shelly yachimovich, who supported GABA in the first and in the second round said that the Duke can and should remain at the head of the opposition.

Tzipi Livni also congratulated AVI GABA. «Now, when the party «Avoda» has completed its democratic process, we must turn to the wider community to join the bloc, consolidating all the forces seeking a change of government,» said Livni.

Former Prime Minister Ehud Barak, supported GABA, published a report from USA: «the Revolution in «Labor». Gabay wins in the party want to win, not slogans. Only the big block will return to the citizens of the spark («Barack» – ed. ed.) in the eyes and hope in heart. GABA congratulate and wish him good luck.»

Knesset member Amir Peretz, called AVI Gabay and congratulated him on his victory. «I see you as an essential partner in the solution of our common tasks: changing the power of Netanyahu,» said Gabay.

50-year-old of AVI Gabay, occupied the position of General Director of companies «Bezeq Beinleumi» and «Bezeq». In 2014 — together with Moshe Kahlana was one of the founders of the party «Kulanu». He was not included in the election list of the party, but was appointed to the post of Minister of ecology. Gabay was one of the opponents of the «gas deal». In 2016, he resigned from the post of Minister in protest against the transfer of the portfolio of defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman. Shortly thereafter, Gabay joined the party «Avoda».

Amir Peretz, suffered a third consecutive defeat in the elections of the party leader «Avoda». In 2007, the Pepper lost to Barack, in 2011, Shelly yachimovich.

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The head of the party «Avoda» elected AVI Gabay 11.07.2017

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