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The heaviest woman in the world starts the second stage of rehabilitation

At the hospital, «al-Burghill» Abu Dhabi has held a press conference on the state of Iman Ahmed Abd al-ATA. A few months ago, 36-year-old Egyptian woman, whose weight exceeded 500 pounds, was considered the heaviest woman in the world.

For the first time in recent years, Iman has been able to sit on a wheelchair. Her doctor Yasin Ibrahim announced the launch of the second phase of treatment. In the course of it the patient needs to lose another 40-50 pounds.

Iman is self-powered, all body systems are functioning normally. During the press conference, she hardly spoke, but smiled for photographers. According to the doctor, just her presence in the hall – evidence of improvement.

UAE woman was brought from India, which hosted the first stage of treatment. For many years it was believed that Iman elephant disease, however, the Indian doctors made a correct diagnosis of lymphedema on the backdrop of excess weight.

In Mumbai the clinic, she was made a series of unique operations, which the woman lost 200 pounds of weight. However, her relatives were unhappy with the course of treatment, accusing doctors that they are engaged in PR, but not assistance.

The doctors protested, saying that transportation is a danger to the patient, but the family succeeded. Before discharge revealed that after the treatment, the patient weight does not exceed 200 pounds.

The heaviest woman in the world starts the second stage of rehabilitation 25.07.2017

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