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The high court at the request of Aryeh Deri will return to the issue of the shops on Saturdays

Judge Elyakim Rubinstein announced that the High court of justice at the request of the Minister of the interior Aryeh Deri will hold a second meeting on the work of retail outlets in tel Aviv on Saturday. In the message, Rubinstein States that the high court judge must hear the position of interior Minister.

Note that in April this year the high court ruled that the sales outlets should be regulated by municipal by-law. The decision stated that the municipality has the necessary powers to establish the rules of operation of retail outlets in accordance with the composition of the population of specific areas, taking into account the needs of the residents and character of the city. The high court judge Daphne Barak-Erez when deciding reminded that each person on their own can understand the meaning of the legal recognition of the Sabbath day of rest. This decision meant that some of the shops and stalls located in a limited number of streets in tel Aviv, could work on Saturdays.

In response to the decision of the high court of the SHAS party and the «yaadut-Tora» stated that they will develop a bill, which aims to prevent the opening of shops and retail outlets on Saturdays. In early may, the media reported that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has agreed to promote the bill transferring powers of implementation of the bill on the activities of the outlets on Saturday the interior Minister Aryeh Deri. Now these powers have only labour Minister Chaim Katz (Likud). Netanyahu does not intend to deprive him of these powers, however, agreed to grant them and Aryeh Deri.

Currently, the activities of retail outlets on Saturdays is governed by two laws: municipal law and the law on hours of work and rest. In 2014, the municipality of tel Aviv adopted the amendment to the municipal law «On the opening of businesses and commercial establishments on Saturdays and public holidays». According to this amendment, the operation of the stores and kiosks are permitted in a limited number of streets, including streets of Raoul Wallenberg, Ibn Gvirol, Basel, Dizengoff, sheinkin, Lilienblum Rothschild Boulevard and the Boulevard of Jerusalem.

In addition, the municipality has identified four tourist district, which was allowed unlimited trading institutions in the port of tel Aviv, in the old exhibition complex in the port of Jaffa and the old train station in tel Aviv.

The law on hours of work and rest formally prohibits access to commercial establishments on Saturdays, but the labor Minister Chaim Katz declarative pursuing a policy of non-interference in the existing situation.

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The high court at the request of Aryeh Deri will return to the issue of the shops on Saturdays 12.07.2017

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