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The high court dismissed the appeal against the work of the small shops on Shabbat in tel Aviv

Thursday, October 26, the high court dismissed the appeal filed against a law allowing small shops in tel Aviv to work on Shabbat.

The decision was taken by majority of votes. We are talking about the latest verdict issued in the resignation of the outgoing head of the Supreme court Miriam Naor. The court decision was made with majority, while religious judges remained in the minority.

We will remind that on 19 April the Supreme court of justice (the court) held that the sales outlets in tel Aviv should be regulated by municipal by-law. Representatives of the ultra-Orthodox factions sharply criticized the decision of the high Court and threatened a government crisis if it is implemented. The main concern of the «haredim» is that tel Aviv could become a precedent, which would entail changing the status quo and in other cities of the country.

In 2014, the municipality of tel Aviv adopted the amendment to the municipal law «On the opening of businesses and commercial establishments on Saturdays and public holidays». According to this amendment, the operation of the stores and kiosks are permitted in a limited number of streets, including streets of Raoul Wallenberg, Ibn Gvirol, Basel, Dizengoff, sheinkin, Lilienblum Rothschild Boulevard and the Boulevard of Jerusalem.

In addition, the municipality has identified four tourist district, which was allowed unlimited trading institutions in the port of tel Aviv, in the old exhibition complex in the port of Jaffa and the old train station in tel Aviv.

The Minister of the interior and head of SHAS Aryeh Deri has sharply criticized the decision of the high Court. «The Supreme court made a revolution and a coup. We are talking about a real coup,» he said.

In turn, the head of the party «Yesh Atid» Yair Lapid said:»the Decision of the high court of justice to give freedom of choice to the mayors of the cities is the right solution. In Bnei Brak, of course, everything is closed and in tel Aviv openly, the way it should be. We should not tell others how to live. However, we need to start a new, a different dialogue about the Israeli Sabbath. I also don’t want the Sabbath was like other days, no matter whether you want to go to the synagogue or the Museum, do you have a kosher Shabbat meal or not. The Sabbath is a wonderful gift that the Jewish people gave the world, and let’s start a peaceful debate with each other about how we want our day off».

The head of the «Zionist camp» AVI Gabay said: «We respect the religion, but have no respect for religious dictates. I welcome the recent verdict of the court Miriam Naor».

The high court dismissed the appeal against the work of the small shops on Shabbat in tel Aviv 26.10.2017

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