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«The Histadrut» announced the list of participants of the General strike

National Federation of trade unions («Histadrut») has published a list of the agencies and organizations participating in a General strike, which will begin this Wednesday, December 23rd, at 06:00. Conflicting parties have little more than a day to negotiate.

The reason for the strike was a stalemate in the negotiations between the «Histadrut» and the Ministry of Finance about increase of salaries of civil servants. The Union leadership requires an equal increase of salaries of all civil servants by 11% within five years. At the same time, the leadership of the Ministry of Finance, at the initiative of the head of this Department Kahlon Moshe insists on the differential wage at which the premium for workers with low wages will be higher than sotrudnikov with a high salary.

In addition, the Ministry of Finance considers expedient to link higher wages with increased administrative flexibility, facilitate the dismissal of an employee in the public sector or transfer to another position, and a number of other requirements. The Union assured that salaries must be raised separate from other requirements, for which negotiations will be conducted separately.

In the strike involved all government agencies, including the office of head of government and Council for national security, the Ministry of internal Affairs and the Office of population registration, border service, Ministry of transport, Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of immigrant absorption, Ministry of internal security, the Ministry of education.

The strike would be joined by teachers of primary, middle and high school educators WIZO and NAAMAT. It means that December 23 will not work schools and kindergartens belonging to women’s organizations, and urban preschools.

Will also strike the Open University, the Hebrew University, tel Aviv University, Haifa University, Bar-Ilan University, University of Ben Gurion, school networks, ORT and Amal schools and.

In the strike participate the Center of local government and local authorities, the municipality of Jerusalem, tel Aviv, Haifa, regional and local councils, religious councils, Association of cities, advice on design and construction, water Management, firefighting and rescue services, the nuclear research center in Dimona and the IDF civil servants.

Will not be accepted by patients and health insurance «Clalit and Meuhedet», the state hospital, will receive visitors in the «Leumi» and IRS.

To strike will also be «Rakevet Israel», «egged», «Netivei Ayalon», seaports, airports Management.

Website The Marker, published the full list of agencies of the strikers, recalled that the last strike by the trade unions in 2012, lasted for five days.

«The Histadrut» announced the list of participants of the General strike 21.12.2015

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