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«The Histadrut» published «rate of complaints» consumers in 2015

Management of the «Histadrut» on the consumption of published a review submitted to it in 2015 consumer complaints. Analysis of more than three thousand complaints shows that in the past year, as in 2014, the «winner» in the number of complaints of steel of the telecommunications company.

The press service of the «Histadrut» indicates that the share of complaints against cable and satellite TV companies, companies providing mobile telephony and Internet, amounted this year to 18%. The majority of complaints relate to various operations that were promised to consumers and not fully implemented, providing additional, unsolicited services and charging for them fees without consumer consent, failure to provide detailed agreements with customers, long wait service in the telephone service centers, technicians do not arrive at the agreed time, offered by the «free gifts», like tablets, (although in the end it turns out that «gift» comes at a substantial cost) and so on.

The share of complaints for home appliances this year remains high, with the same 12% of complaints that in the previous year. Complaints mostly relate to late delivery, defect in goods, recurring breakdowns, failure of warranty, inaccurate reports of the technical characteristics of product, poor service and quality of spare parts, failure repair time, disputes concerning the termination of transactions in accordance with the rules of cancellation and the like.

And furniture, as every year, there remains a relatively high level of complaints. This year it accounts for 11% of complaints. In this area, consumers mostly complained about the marriage in the furniture, non-delivery of the goods within the specified period, the discrepancy between the order and the delivered goods. Also consumed complain of shops that suddenly closed, not delivering the goods, to the irregularity of the termination of the transaction, to require a higher than prescribed by law, penalties for the cancellation of the deal on disagreements on the issue of «special order», on disputes about the payment for delivery of goods, etc.

Fourth in the «top complaints» are clothes and shoes (about 8% of complaints). These complaints mainly relate to cases where it is not always possible to identify defects when buying, the rules allow you to return clothing and shoes within two days from the date of purchase, disputes over the interpretation of these rules, untrue and misleading advertising on trade events, etc.

In fifth place with 8% are complaints about transactions made at a distance. Here users complain mainly on companies aggressive marketing of different products by phone, when the client is treated from the beginning with such phrases as «you have won» «lottery» or «you are entitled» to entice the consumer to the transaction. And then it turns out that very often there is a big gap between what is promised and what the consumer actually receives. And the consumer gets «gifts» and «prizes» cost him a lot of money. In addition, many complaints in this area relate to the failure of the law allowing the cancellation of these transactions within two weeks, and various tricks these companies from fulfilling the obligation to cancel the transaction.

Sixth place belongs to complaints about the performance of various services (6%). It complaints to professionals such as electricians, plumbers, and others who perform work in the homes of consumers. There are often disputes about the final price, quality of work and guarantees the work performed. As a rule, when these works are ordered there is no contract between the parties, and therefore disputes arise because oral promises and agreements, delays in completion of the work, requirements of additional payments of works not stipulated in the agreement, etc.

On the seventh place by the number of complaints is tourism, travel and leisure (4%). Here, the main complaints relate to the gap between the promised services during the holidays and actually provided. Consumers also complain of disagreements on liability for damage caused to the consumer, false information about the quality of the hotel and its location, complaints about the flights that took off very late, the absence of Luggage in time or the loss. Many travel and transportation companies do not respond to feed them consumer complaints.

«The Histadrut» published «rate of complaints» consumers in 2015 30.12.2015

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