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The Histadrut stood up for Katie Karkalou — the crane operator, who was fired for refusing to work in a storm

«The Histadrut» filed a lawsuit in the regional labor court in beer Sheva against a construction company «Makhlouf Ziff and sons», the fired crane operator Karkalou Katie, who refused to risk his life to continue working on the crane when the wind is strong.

The lawsuit alleges that the conditions of employment of kranovschitsa were degrading, contrary to the act and threatened her life. Therefore, she is entitled to compensation in the amount of at least 500 thousand shekels. Together with the «Histadrut» argues that the dismissal Karkalou have also been due to the fact that the crane operator is a single mother raising two children, and discrimination on this basis must be compensated an additional amount of 120 thousand shekels.

Crane operator tower crane Korolov Katie began working in construction company in Ashkelon in March last year. On the morning of 21 February Kurkalova started work as usual. At noon of this very cold winter’s day began in a strong wind began to shake the cabin of the crane, located at an altitude of 70 metres. Fearing for his safety, the crane operator decided to immediately descend. At this time, according to the meteorological service, the wind speed was more than 40 km/h, which is defined as «strong wind».

After persuasion and pressure from superiors at the construction site, accompanied by jeers and threats that if she will not return to the workplace, she will be fired, the crane operator decided to return to the crane cabin
However, when she rose to great heights, she felt again that crane is swinging and there is still danger to her life, so she decided to get off the ground. It again started to press, and Karkalou were faced with a dramatic dilemma between the risk of loss of life and the risk of losing their livelihoods. She decided again to climb into the cockpit and, despite the obvious danger, performed the urgent work entrusted to it. Shortly thereafter, she received notice that because of her behavior she is fired.

Provision of safety particularly require that tower cranes don’t work when the wind blows with a force that can threaten the life of working on the crane or near it, and that it is prohibited to force workers to violate safety regulations. Representatives of the company grossly violated the requirements of the act and the rules and demanded that Karkalou and other employees to continue working despite the danger. In addition to these violations, the company does not fulfill safety conditions of employees under collective bargaining agreement.

The press service of the «Histadrut» notes that this claim gives an idea of what is happening throughout the construction industry and about the difficult working conditions in it. The report, published by the National insurance Institute («bituach Leumi») a few months ago, said that over the past five years have seen a significant increase in the number of deaths in accidents in the construction industry. Only one 2014 31 employee died, 27 of them as a result of falling from height.

The Chairman of the «Histadrut» AVI Nissenkorn said: «the time has Come to make order of preference is the safety of workers in the construction industry. I want to support Katie Karkalou in her determination and courage, and I want to emphasize that its struggle is not a personal battle, but the struggle of all workers in the industry. The Histadrut to do everything in its power to ensure the safety of crane operators and other construction industry workers».

The Histadrut stood up for Katie Karkalou — the crane operator, who was fired for refusing to work in a storm 03.03.2016

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