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The identity of the killer from school in Florida: facts and versions

Police in Florida arrested a 19-year-old Nicholas Cruz on suspicion of committing armed attacks in high school named Marjorie Stoneman Douglas in Parkland (72 km from Miami).

The Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel told reporters that the victims of the shooting were 17 people, another 16 were injured, three of them were hospitalized in critical condition. The person almost all the dead are identified.

It is known that Nicolas Cruz (born in 1999) previously studied at the Douglas school , but was expelled for numerous violations of the discipline. The last time he worked in the store, «Dollar» and told a friend that he was glad not to go to school.

According to official reports: February 14, 2018, Nicolas Cruz, armed with a semi-automatic rifle AR-15, having a plurality of ammunition cartridges to the rifle and smoke grenades and a gas mask, went to the territory of their former school. Smoke bombs he used that caused panic and triggered a fire siren, hoping that in the corridors of the school will gather a crowd, which he’ll open fire. In total, Cruz managed to make more than 40 shots, killing and wounding dozens of people. Then mingled with the crowd and disappeared from the scene. Later, he was arrested in the nearby town of coral springs, about 2 km from the crime scene. During the arrest, he was slightly wounded.

At the first interrogation, the killer said that the shot «for fun». He also said that he had repeatedly threatened to come with weapons in the school, but other students laughed at him and did not believe that this could happen.

According to police and FBI that the killer was well prepared for the attack and acted alone.

Students of the school about a former student Nicolas Kruse

Edition of the Daily Beast has collected feedback from students about the former student Nicolas Kruse.

Talking about him as an «outcast» who sometimes behaved aggressively, but never climbed into the fray.

They say that Nicholas was not accepted into their circle, even those who gathered in the «Gazebo Emo» (the place where usually were the ones who were considered weird and rejected by the school team), he had no friends.

Ocean Parodi told The Daily Beast that «red» Cruz has always been a crew cut, wearing «Patriotic shirts» demonstrated hatred of Islam and calling Muslims «terrorists». He said he once saw Nicholas in the hat with symbols of the supporters of Donald trump.

Ocean’s younger sister, 15-year-old Milan Parodi, said that girls at school thought cruise’s «creepy and weird». He wore black and was always alone. However, she notes that it usually looked good, sometimes seemed a little crazy.

Another student, 17-year-old Giovanni Watford, told WFOR-TV that Cruz was fond of weapons, talked a lot about «guns» and often tried to hide his face. Like Nicolas, Giovanni was a member of the Junior ROTC program, he recalls that Cruz complained of harassment by other students.

Math teacher Jim Gard told the Miami Herald that in the past year, Nicholas Cruz was not allowed with a backpack on the territory of the school campus because he threatened other students. According to unofficial data, then in his backpack and found the cartridges.

Helen Asciolla, a former roommate of Cruz, told The New York Times that he told her that his family was forced to sell his house in a prestigious area because of problems with money. According to her, Nicolas and his brother were foster children, and their adoptive father died. This information was confirmed: mother of Nicolas and his brother died, and then they took care of Linda and Roger Cruz, then living in long island and later moved to Parkland. When Roger died, Linda is the one who tried to raise foster children.

The Miami Herald quotes the words of the disciples that Cruz bragged in social networks existing weapons and the way they shot at the rats. This information is documented.

Other version

On the website was posted «screenshots» of blogs Nicholas Cruz on social networks Twitter and Instagram, which shows that he really was fond of firearms and machetes.

In the same publication was published «screenshot» of the list of groups in Facebook, which were allegedly attended by Nicolas Cruz. Judging by this illustration, he was a member of Islamist groups in the social network. However, below the author explains that he could not claim that Cruz was indeed a member of these groups in Facebook.

The Miami Herald writes that one of the records, Cruz was the phrase «Allahu Akbar» («Allah is great»). But police say there’s no reason to believe this person associated with any, including Muslim terrorist groups.

The identity of the killer from school in Florida: facts and versions 15.02.2018

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