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The IDF denies that the American and British hackers managed to hack into the Israeli air force

Tuesday, 16 February, the IDF commented on the reports in foreign media that hackers from the Main British government communications administration (GCHQ), worked together with the national security Agency of the USA, managed to crack the control system of unmanned flying vehicles of the IDF.

A senior IDF officer who conducted the briefing, said that professionals often record the infiltration into the computer network of the IDF.

The officer, quoted by the state radio «Sieves Beth» and Israeli online newspaper, without naming its title and seniority, reported that the test, conducted jointly with the exploration showed that the hackers failed to get access to the basic network segments of the air force.

The representative of the IDF noted that in the present time computer military experts are more concerned about the possibility of hacker attacks on civilian infrastructure than on the army network. The IDF is preparing to ensure the protection of civilian objects, such as a computer network Electric company and water Department, the Israeli segment of the Internet and networks of mobile operators.

Note that the article on cracking soldier in the secret programme, «the Anarchist», was published January 29 in the publication The Intercept . In this publication it was said that hacking the control system of the UAV allowed oswall British and American intelligence actually steal data that was received by the IDF from drones carrying out reconnaissance missions and combat support operations, as well as to monitor the course of their flights. Furthermore, GCHQ was able to obtain some information about the techniques used in Israeli drones.

According to the publication The Intercept, is the fact hacking the control systems of flying the Israeli UAV was installed thanks to the files provided by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden. Here are several photos showing the hack the system, refer to 2009 and 2010. Them, including those depicted Israeli unmanned planes with missiles. Recall that the IDF does not comment on the use of such UAV.

According to The Intercept, the participants of the «Anarchist» were engaged in monitoring their controlled flights of Israeli drones with one of the peaks of Troodos mountain range in Cyprus.

The observations were conducted not only for Israelis, but also, for example, of the attempts of the Lebanese Hizbullah’s use of unmanned aerial vehicles and for the launches of the Iranian UAV in Syria. But, as emphasized in the publication, special attention was paid to the Israeli UAVs, including those that theoretically could be used by the IDF for operations abroad, in particular against Iran.

The IDF denies that the American and British hackers managed to hack into the Israeli air force 17.02.2016

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