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The IDF destroyed the house of the organizer of murder so Busy and Atama Henkin

On the night of Thursday, December 3, the military personnel of engineering troops and units «Egos» destroyed the Nablus house of Ragaba Ahmad Muhammad Allawi, who commanded a cell of Hamas terrorists who committed the October 1 terrorist attack in Samaria, told the radio station «Sieves Beth». In the attack were killed Naama and eitam Henkin, the residents of the village of neria.

On the night of November 14, the IDF destroyed the homes of the perpetrators of the attack.

Recall that on 1 October, during the Sukkot holiday, at 21:04 on the road connecting the Jewish Alon Moreh and Itamar in Samaria, Arab terrorists in the eyes of the four children were shot to ATEM and Naama Henkin, from the settlement of neria. According to Israeli intelligence, the attack was planned
37-year-old head of the Hamas cell Rajab Ahmad Muhammad Allawi, the direct executors of the attack were 24-year-old Ihya Mahmoud Naif Abdullah Haji Hamad, the 33-year-old Samir Zahir Ibrahim Kousa, 23-year-old Karam al-Masri and 26-year-old Zaid Ziad Jamil Amar.

As told at the inquest Ihya Mahmoud Naif Abdullah Haji Hamad, a terrorist attack was planned «in retaliation for the murder of a family Databse in the village of Duma».

According to the terrorist, late in the evening of October 1, they spotted a white car with the Jews. Hamad said that he ordered was driving Samira Ibrahim Kusa to overtake a car and when two cars came up, opened fire from automatic rifles M-16. According to the killer, he fired 14-15 rounds.

Machine family Henkin stopped, the terrorists got out of his car and, according to Hamad, he replaced the store. The fired approaching the car, he saw that the woman sitting next to the driver, na’ama Henkin, was not injured. Hamad noticed that eitam Henkin entered the fray with one of the terrorists, Karam al-Masri and fired towards the Israeli part of the machine. According to the terrorist, he was killed on the spot, but a slight wound in the arm received al-Masri.

At this point, Naama Henkin attacked Hamada, and he is in several shots and killed a woman.

The terrorist claims that he and his associates saw in the car children, but not to kill them. According to one version, the reason for this was the desire of as quickly as possible to escape from the scene of the attack, and the other that the ban imposed by the Koran on the killing of children.

As previously reported, the militants were detained by the Israeli security services. Hamad said that for two years, is a member of the Hamas terrorist organization and participated in acts of sabotage against the military.

The IDF destroyed the house of the organizer of murder so Busy and Atama Henkin 03.12.2015

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