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The IDF enters a mode of blockade of the Palestinian territories at the time of Purim

The IDF imposes full closure of Palestinian territories in Judea and Samaria at the time of the celebration of Purim. The blockade will enter into force on Friday, March 10, and will be removed in the night of Monday, March 13.

At the time of the holiday will be closed checkpoints on the border with the Gaza strip. During the blockade on the border crossings will be able to pass people in need of medical care. Travel in Israel will also be allowed for other humanitarian reasons, in accordance with a resolution of the Civil administration in Judea and Samaria.

— Israel is preparing for the holiday of Purim. Photos

In the period of Purim the task of providing security is particularly challenging, because these days not only children but many adults dress in costumes, wear masks, etc.

The IDF and border police usually block the Palestinian territory for the period of the celebration of Purim, the fear of terrorist attacks. The first such measure was introduced in 1996, following the attacks in the days of Purim of the terrorist attacks in Jerusalem and tel Aviv killed more than 30 people. In 1997 in tel Aviv, despite the blockade «territories», the feast of Purim again explosion: bomb attack in a cafe killed three people.

On Purim, during «the second intifada», the Palestinian terrorists have carried out several terrorist attacks-suicide: in 2001, the year in Netanya (three dead), in 2002 in Jerusalem and Afula (12 dead), in 2003 – in Haifa (17 killed). Furthermore, in 2002-m to year on the eve of Purim as a result of the terrorist attack in Jerusalem killed a police Galit Arviv, Judea terrorists were killed immigrants Abraham fish and Arkady (Aharon) Gurov. In 2008, on the eve of Purim, the Palestinian gunman was a terrorist attack in a Jerusalem yeshiva «Merkaz Harav»: were killed, eight children, 11 were injured.

In 2009, on the eve of the feast of Purim was averted terrorist attack in the Jerusalem neighborhood of pisgat ze’ev (shortly before the capital of Israel was made another «bulldozer attack»).

In 2010-2011 about any attempts of terrorist attacks during the period of the feast of Purim was not reported. Although shortly before Purim in 2011 was committed monstrous terrorist attack in the settlement of Itamar, where Arab murderers was stabbed to death five people: father, mother and three children of the Fogel family.

In 2012 the military for the first time in 16 years did not block PA in the period of Purim, as it was believed that the situation in the security sphere, then, was relatively calm.

In 2013, on the background of the «prison of the intifada», which began after the death of a prisoner in prison «Megiddo», the security measures in the period of Purim have been strengthened throughout the country. The following years were also observed specific security measures during this holiday.

In 2015 during the feast of Purim in Jerusalem was made «car attack», which injured four employees of the border police. It became known later that same day were preparing another terrorist attack in Jerusalem, but was prevented at the preparation stage.

In 2016 on the second day of Purim in Hebron, on the corner Gilber in tel Rumeida, two Arab terrorists, armed with knives, attacked the soldiers and wounded one of them. One of the terrorists was shot dead, a second seriously wounded. Later ALOR Azariah soldier finished off a wounded terrorist. One of the officers on interrogation on the case said at the time that Azariah could do so because the soldiers were aware of imminent travel in the area school groups that were going to Prinny carnival. But this version has not been confirmed.

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The IDF enters a mode of blockade of the Palestinian territories at the time of Purim 09.03.2017

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