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The IDF fired on the positions of Hamas militants on the Eastern outskirts of Gaza

The Safa news Agency, whose office is in Gaza, reported that on Wednesday, March 28, Israeli artillery shelled the Eastern areas of Gaza city. The report said that the positions of militants in the Zeitoun neighborhood, was released two shells. It is alleged that we are talking about unprovoked actions of the IDF.

According to Safa, the shelling no casualties.

«The Palestinian information center» belonging to Hamas, also reports artillery shelling the positions of militants in the Zeitoun neighborhood. In addition, the PIC writes about the arrest by the Israeli military of the two trespassers.

The press service of the defense Army of Israel has confirmed the fact of artillery shelling of the positions of Hamas militants in Northern Gaza strip. The official report said that the shelling was in response to another attempt of sabotage on the border of Gaza taken today by the two attackers.

We will remind that on March 27, three Arabs, armed with knives and grenades, infiltrated from the Gaza strip into Israel. They were detained near a military base «Zeelim» in the Negev, about 15 km from the border with the Gaza strip. Currently being investigated circumstances of the incident and military sources say that «it is a serious failure that causes the alarm.»

As previously reported, the IDF and security forces continue training to the mass demonstrations of Palestinian Arabs on the border between Gaza and Israel, scheduled for March 30. The military fears that the demonstrations, which Hamas calls the «March of return» or «March of millions» will escalate into clashes with soldiers in an attempt to break the separation fence.

According to the portal Walla, to prevent escalation in the border area with Gaza will be concentrated a large force of the army. We are talking about forces of infantry and tank units, snipers, special forces soldiers and the force field of intelligence. Observation will be conducted from the air.

Police and border guards (the MAGICIAN) block of territory adjacent to the border with Gaza. The purpose of these activities is to prevent attempts of the Arabs to penetrate deep into Israeli territory, and removal of citizens from the area of disturbance. It is assumed that the territory adjacent to the dividing fence will be declared a closed military zone.

In the cities and towns of Israel’s South would be a large force of police, whose task will include maintaining order and preventing acts of terror.

It is reported that the IDF is spreading in the Gaza strip leaflets calling on local residents to refrain from participation in activities organized by Hamas.

The chief of staff Gadi Gadi eizenkot said in an interview with the newspaper «Israel a-Yom» that the IDF will not allow the breakthrough of the separation fence and rigidly respond to a violent action. «If the Palestinians think that they will be able to break through the fence and March on Israel, they are mistaken,» said the chief of the General staff.

At the same time, according to Walla, the IDF’s fear that, if the collision will lead to casualties among the Palestinian Arabs, this will entail the escalation that will apply to Judea and Samaria.

28 March, the press service of the IDF reported that, as of midnight, March 29, there will be a lockdown of the Arab territories of Judea and Samaria. Will also closed the border crossings between Israel and Gaza. The lockdown will be lifted at midnight on 7 April. During this period, entry into Israel will be permitted only in humanitarian cases, with the consent of the representatives of the coordinator of government activities in Judea, Samaria and Gaza.

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The IDF fired on the positions of Hamas militants on the Eastern outskirts of Gaza 28.03.2018

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