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The IDF has declassified the data about the project humanitarian assistance to the citizens of Syria

Wednesday, July 19, Israel for the first time released data on the amount of assistance provided to citizens of Syria for the past several years.

About the project «Good neighbourhood» in which the IDF provides assistance to the civilian population of the Syrian Golan heights, was mentioned on the forum in Herzliya chief of staff Lieutenant-General Gadi Gadi eizenkot, however, the details of this project until today was kept secret.

According to published information, Israel is providing assistance in the border area, a length of about 40 km and going deep into Syria on 15 km. Describing the situation in the «sponsored» area, the military said that there are representatives of the armed opposition, ISIS militants and government forces. Opposition groups are merged or split, but each in its sector lead the fight against terrorists «Islamic state» and opposed government forces. The IDF noted that Israel was interested in weakening the «Shiite axis» and the «Islamic state» and the strengthening of the settlements in the Golan.

In the IDF say that, seeing the deterioration of the humanitarian situation in Syria, Israel first turned to international organizations so that, through them, to organize assistance to the Syrians, but negotiations have not crowned success, and if Israel decided to directly help the neighbors. First, Israel was concerned that the residents of the Syrian Golan was drinking water, food, electricity, access to health care.

For implementation of the project «Good neighbourhood» meets 210 territorial division. In the area on which the «patron» Israel is home to about 200 thousand citizens of Syria. Last year alone, Israel delivered to Syrian village of 500 thousand liters of diesel fuel, referred to the Syrians, dozens of generators, cars and horse-drawn vehicles.

With the outbreak of civil war in Syria Israel has provided medical assistance to 4,000 Syrians, including 900 children, of 2,000 women. In addition, the clinics and hospitals in Syria are supplied medicines and equipment. Syrian doctors visited Israeli hospitals where they are familiarized with the latest technologies and equipment.

Israel has distributed among the inhabitants of the Syrian villages 55 tons of warm clothes and 12 tons of shoes, handed over 12 thousand cans of formula for babies and 1.800 packs of diapers.

In the Syrian bakery delivered 40 tons of flour. The civilian population delivered 225 tons of food.

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The IDF has declassified the data about the project humanitarian assistance to the citizens of Syria 19.07.2017

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