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The IDF is still not confirmed that F-16 was shot down by a Syrian missile

As of Sunday morning, February 11, the IDF does not mention the cause of the fall of the F-16i «Sufa», although many media outlets since yesterday have reported that the plane was shot down by Syrian air defenses, and the crew ejected before the rocket hit.

Cannot be ruled out ejection of pilots after the message on-Board computer about the interception of the aircraft by Syrian air defenses, although later the missile did not hit the F-16.

The Israeli military deny the rumor, circulated by the Syrian state media, that supposedly was hit by more than one Israeli plane.

While the IDF is still the morning of 10 February, it was confirmed that Syrian air defenses fired at Israeli aircraft.

According to Lebanese TV channel «al-Mayadin» Syrian military fired 10 missiles s-200 at Israeli planes.

The crash of the F-16i «Sufa» around the houses in the kibbutz Harduf in the Jezreel valley was the 11th such incident in Israel with aircraft in this class over the last 20 years. As previously reported, the pilots ejected and survived. One of them was seriously injured, the second injured easily.

If it is confirmed that the plane was shot down by Syrian air defenses, this is the first such incident in many years.

In March 2017 the Syrian army command stated on the application of s-200 against Israeli aircraft. Then the wreckage of the rockets fell on the territory of Jordan. The Syrians claimed to have shot down one plane. The IDF denied it.

Incidents with Israeli F-16 aircraft

10 February 2018 F-16 aircraft that participated in combat operations in Syria, fell on the territory of Harduf kibbutz in the Jezreel valley. The pilots ejected and survived.

October 5, 2016 at planting based on Ramon after the assignment in the Gaza strip, the plane crashed F-16. Killed air force major Ohad Cohen-New (34). Navigator ejected and survived.

7 July 2013, 50 km from the coast of the Gaza strip from the F-16i off base «Hazor», the engine failed. Making sure to start the engine fails, the crew decided to eject. The plane crashed into the water.

11 Nov 2010 in the town of Mitzpe Ramon during a training flight crashed fighter F-16i. In the crash killed major amichai Itkis (28) and major Emanuel levy (30).

13 Sep 2009 in the area of Hebron, the plane crashed F-16, which was ruled by a Lieutenant Asaf Ramon, son of first Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon. Asaf Ramon was killed.

During the Second Lebanon war in the summer of 2006, an accident occurred on the F-16 aircraft, while he was performing the takeoff on the runway. The pilots, finding fault, ejected and the aircraft was stopped using a special mesh. The pilots were not injured.

In may 2005, the pilots ejected from the plane, coming in for a landing on the base of Ramat David. The reason was discovered a technical fault. The pilots were not injured.

In February 2003, another plane crashed near Janina, the pilot managed to eject.

In August 2000, the pilot was forced to leave the plane due to a fault discovered during a training flight. The pilot received minor injuries.

In March 2000, the F-16 aircraft crashed in the Mediterranean sea. During the search, was discovered the bodies of the pilots: major Yonatan begin, (son of Minister benny begin) and captain Lior Arari.

In August 1998, during a training flight crashed F-16 aircraft. The pilot ejected.

The IDF is still not confirmed that F-16 was shot down by a Syrian missile 11.02.2018

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