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The IDF prepares to demolish the home of a terrorist in Nablus

On the night of Monday, 14 November, soldiers of the IDF together with the staff of the civil administration in Judea and Samaria made in Nablus markup intended to demolish the house of a Hamas activist Bassam of Sayaka.

It is reported that the gunman was part of a cell that planned a terrorist attack in Samaria, in which were killed Naama and eitam Henkin, residents of the village neria. The attack was carried out on 1 October.

Date the destruction of houses has not been published.

9 December in Nablus were made preparatory work before the demolition of houses of Ziyad Amar, Iyad Abu Dahar and Amarda Allawi. These three terrorists were also among the organizers of the murder of the family Henkin.

On 3 December, the military personnel of engineering troops and units «Egos» destroyed the Nablus house of Ragaba Ahmad Muhammad Allawi, who commanded the terror cell that committed the attack.

On the night of November 14, the IDF destroyed the homes of the perpetrators of the attack.

The IDF prepares to demolish the home of a terrorist in Nablus 14.12.2015

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