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The IDF published photos of the downed Iranian UAV

The press service of the defense Army of Israel has published photos from the crash site of an Iranian unmanned aircraft shot down on the morning of Saturday, February 10, a helicopter of the IDF on Israeli territory.

In these pictures it is difficult to determine the type of the downed UAV.

The head of staff of the Israeli air force, Brigadier General Tomer Bar, said that Iranian-made UAVs launched into Israel from Syria, held over Israeli territory not more than one and a half minutes, after which he was shot down, according to broadcaster «Sieves». Bar emphasized that this is the first time that Iranian drone crossed the Israeli border, but the UAV passed over Israeli territory so little time, I did not manage to cause any damage.

Earlier, the IDF published a video, which was shown as an Iranian UAV was shot down over Israeli territory and then was attacked by the mobile station control on the plane.

We will remind that on the night of February 10, IDF air force was shot down over Israeli territory a drone is of Iranian origin, who arrived from Syria.

Shortly after this incident, the Israeli air force attacked military targets in Syria. Syrian air defenses opened fire. One of the planes F-16i «Sufa» fell in Israeli territory, near the houses in the village Harduf in the Jezreel valley. Two pilots managed to eject, they survived and was taken to hospital. One of the pilots seriously injured. What was the cause of the crash was not reported.

«The operational headquarters of the allies of Syria» (OSSS), unifying the command of Iranian forces and «Hezbollah» in the Syrian territory, said the Russian state Agency RIA Novosti that the Israeli aircraft attacked the drones, based at the airbase T-4 in HOMS province.

According to this source, these UAVs (in Iran) were destroyed. Accurate information about damages is not given.

OSS, claims that the IDF destroyed drones that were used «to gather information to fight terrorist groups and primarily against IG, in the interests of the Syrian army.»

Military airbase, Ties (T-4), located to the West of Palmyra in HOMS province, is the largest in Syria. She repeatedly used for deployment of aircraft carrying out attacks on opposition forces during the civil war in Syria (2011-2018). On the territory of the base of the Iranian «Islamic revolutionary guard Corps» has created a special hangars for unmanned aircraft. There are based Syrian warplanes MiG-25, su-24 and su-22.

The representative of the press service of the IDF Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conicus said that the attack by the Israeli air force was struck by the 12 Syrian and Iranian military installations.

Syrian state news Agency SANA reported that the air defense forces of the regular army of Syria attacked the Israeli planes. The report reveals that the actions of the Syrian air defense was affected in more than one plane. Agency SANA announced that the Israeli planes early on Saturday morning attacked a military base in Central Syria. Damascus ties together the actions of the us military against the forces of the regime of Bashar al-Assad and the Israeli air force, blaming the USA and Israel of support of Islamic state and other terrorist organizations.

Lebanese TV channel «al-Mayadin» associated with Hezbollah, reports that on the morning of Saturday, February 10, Syrian air defenses mobilized against Israeli aircraft, anti-aircraft missile system s-200 Russian production. According to this channel, in repelling an air RAID on a military base in HOMS province on Israeli aircraft were fired 10 missiles.

Due to hostilities on the Israeli-Syrian border for a short time was suspended departures of civilian aircraft from the international airport named Ben-Gurion. In addition, several flights arriving to Israel for a short time detained in the sky over the Mediterranean sea. Currently, the airport Ben Gurion closed on schedule, as usual.

In connection with the difficult situation near the border with Syria was suspended civil flights over the Northern areas of Israel. Airspace was temporarily closed North of the village Shfaim (North of Herzliya).

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The IDF published photos of the downed Iranian UAV 11.02.2018

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